3 Reasons Why Your Fryer Needs Digital Controls

Labor challenges are nothing new in commercial foodservice. While it’s even more prevalent today than in years past, it only emphasizes how important easy-to-use cooking equipment continues to be for foodservice operators. Limited experience and training in the kitchen shouldn’t prevent kitchen staff from helping operate an efficient process in the back-of-house.

Going digital is one way to help.

Digital Controls for Commercial Fryers

Digital controls are more common than ever for commercial foodservice equipment. As with any industry, technology has advanced to make our lives easier. And that includes staff in the kitchen or cafeteria. When it comes to frying, a process where precision is key, digital controls help the kitchen run smoother and ensure a high-quality product is served every time.

With all the benefits of solid state controls, upgraded digital controls for commercial fryers help operators execute a number of processes easier and more efficiently than manual control. Here are just a few of the standout benefits.

Easy to Use

Instead of a turn of the dial, digital controls simply rely on the push of a button. Not only is this more accurate, but digital controls are located on the outside of the fryer, instead of the inside of the cabinet door like solid state and millivolt controls, making control of a fryer that much easier.

Timers on digital controls mean less standing around and waiting to stop frying products. Operators are alerted when the frying time is up and will deliver a more consistent fried food. When frying high volumes of french fries, you need the process as easy and efficient as possible. Utilizing digital controls does just that.

Simple to Understand

Digital controls make it easier to teach staff how to use a fryer, and less time training means more time working. With a digital display, temperatures and times are easier to read than manual controls, and it saves time. Think about a busy kitchen. A member of the kitchen staff trying to multitask wants to ensure the temperature of the fryer is set accurately. With manual controls, they have to stop what they’re doing, bend down, open the cabinet, look inside at the controls and confirm or adjust the settings. That’s valuable time lost.

With digital controls, one glance at the display and you know the whole story – including set temperature, actual temperature, and time remaining.

Added Reliability

Digital controls on Pitco fryers are easy to use, easy to understand, and easy to manage, no matter what may arise in a commercial kitchen. If fried food is an integral part of the menu, operators can still produce high volumes, even with labor challenges, thanks to smarter, more intuitive fryer controls.

As a fail-safe, fryers have the option to include solid state controls as a backup should the probe fail on the digital controls. This backup adds an extra level of insurance that your frying can continue uninterrupted without stopping production and putting an unnecessary strain on your staff. With less downtime, kitchen processes can run smoother.

Looking to upgrade controls with the latest technology? Digital controls make it easy to move up to the next level of control without completely replacing your existing fryer.

With Pitco Fryers, You’re in Control

No two foodservice operations are alike. The staff, the space, the menu – these are variables that can impact your needs and day-to-day operational challenges in the kitchen. That’s why Pitco has both a variety of frying solutions and control options to match your specific needs. Take the guesswork out of your next fryer decision and start with a Fryer Consultation from your local expert to point you in the right direction.


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