8 Crazy Ways to Save Money on Frying Oil

We’ve already established that Hanukkah is the greatest holiday for fried foods. From fried potato latkes to the famous sufganiyot jelly-filled donuts, the use of oil as it relates to food is a symbolic nod to the meaning of the holiday, a holiday that celebrates the miraculous use of oil.

Though we don’t have any miracles up our sleeves here at Pitco, nor do we have any catchy Hannukah songs, we do have eight crazy ideas to help you save money on your frying oil.

Make oil Last Longer #1 (3)

Let’s start by staying true to the meanings of Hanukkah. Operators that make all the efforts to extend the life of frying oil will ultimately save money, especially now when frying oil is so expensive. From filtering schedules to proper filtration, making oil last longer is always the ultimate goals.

With automatic filtration or built-in filtration systems, operators can manage oil more efficiently. In an era when staffing is so scarce, anything that makes the job easier and safer is a great benefit that will ultimately save money in the long run.

As we just mentioned, labor is in high demand. Many foodservice lifers are opting out and are choosing other professions. So how can operators decrease staffing demands while also saving on labor costs? For starters, make the frying oil management process as easy as possible.

Frying oil programs are typically some of the most dangerous processes in commercial kitchens. To help mitigate these risks, frying oil management that’s concise, scheduled, or even better, automated, will go a long way toward reducing safety risks in the back-of-the-house.

What about the front-of-the-house? The reality is bad or rancid frying oil will turn food quality in unwanted ways, as well. Clean oil leads to aromas and flavors that customers desire. Bad oil doesn’t. Return visitors help operators make money, while returned food doesn’t. It’s simple math.

How can you ensure fried foods are cooked consistently and with quality? With a fryer that offers accurate controls. Fryer design that incorporates precise controlling allows operators to consistently cook foods at precise temperatures, and temperature is the key to cooking.

Thinking of your used oil as a profit point isn’t a common thing, but with a waste oil management system, that’s exactly what it can be. Who wouldn’t want to sell used oil and turn it into a little dough?

This is pretty simple math, too. The less oil you use, the less an operation will spend on oil. With the volatility in frying oil prices these days, finding a fryer that operates with reduced oil volumes can be a gamechanger for reducing overhead.

Looking to celebrate oil management even longer?

Yes, it’s possible to go into greater depth with oil management and savings, and we invite you to schedule a free consultation with one of our local reps. Whenever convenient for you, we’re happy to provide oil management advice that can help impact your bottom line in a positive way.


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