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A Brief History of the Pitco Company


Pitco, formerly known as J.C. Pitman and Sons, Inc., is a leading manufacturer of deep fryers that boasts of a history of over 100 years. The firm was established back in 1918 and successfully created a niche in the food production industry. Clients love their deep fryers for their distinct features and incredible capacities.

Humble Beginnings

Before getting into the industry, J.C. Pitman, the founder, was initially a tinsmith from Boston. He did not love the burned food he had to make do with as he ate lunch at a local cafeteria. In 1918, he established J.C. Pitman and Sons' Hotel and Restaurant Equipment Manufacturers that is the present-day Pitco Company.

Folklore has it that frying began when people started to use a receptacle for cooking. Meats tasted way better when cooked in an earthen platter; apparently, they did not lose their juices. Cooking meat relied on the natural fat of the flesh that settled on the dish. All they had to do was to apply heat to the plate.

The cooks soon figured out that they could reuse previously collected fat. It was only a matter of time before deep fat frying became the order of the day and French fry pots made their way into kitchens. J.C. Pitman set up an equipment manufacturer that would build on past discoveries and provide a more efficient method of frying.

First patent – Pitco Frialator

His team discovered that they could improve the quality of fried foods if they kept the particles of food that settled beneath from the intense heat. They invented and patented the Pitco Frialator in 1959 from this simple idea.

This invention contributed mainly to the establishment of deep fat frying as an art in a host of coastal areas. The Pitco Frialator tremendously reduced the cost as it changed the method of deep fat frying. The firm picked up on Pitman's achievements and has consistently offered chefs cost-effective kitchen frying solutions that never disappoint.

International Exploits

In the 1950s, one of Pitman's sons, Del Pitman, married a British woman. As he frequented the UK with his family, he made business ties that took the firm's products to the global stage. The years that followed saw the company add distributors in Asia and Europe.

The firm stepped up its exports decisively in the 1970s. By the time Blodgett Co. acquired Pitco in 1981, the parent corporation had grown its international resources tremendously. Today, Pitco is part of the Middleby Corporation, giving the brand broader visibility in international markets.

J.C. Pitman's Inspiration

Up to this day, Pitco continues to invent new ways to offer better service. J.C Pitman, set the ball rolling with words that date back to 1943. His words have remained inscribed in the hearts of employees.

Much of the success of the company also stems from its ability to embrace technological shifts over the years. The company rose to global brand status as it invested heavily in research to provide advanced features and remarkable design for its products.

Top-quality products

Pitco's ultimate goal is to provide deep fryers that increase the ease of frying meals while keeping the food delicious. The integrated oil management technique ensures that you only offer healthy food to clients as there is less oil suction into the food.

Pitco also takes in client, technicians and chef suggestions as they work on newer products. The latest iteration of their Gas Fryers tells it all. These commercial fryers have a Fast Recovery feature that chefs requested to make their work easier when customers come in their droves.

The energy star certification is a guarantee that clients won't receive a raw deal.  Users who fry food daily get to enjoy improved safety as they cook. The future holds a lot of promise for the firm that keeps growing from strength to strength.

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