A Closer Look at SOS SmartOIL Sensors

When we talk about the ROV fryer, it’s impossible not to mention the importance of Pitco’s SOS SmartOIL Sensor, which is the most accurate oil sensing monitor in the industry. It provides the most precise oil management control available by allowing operators to know exactly what action is needed based on accurate measurements.

The SOS SmartOIL Sensor works by first measuring the electric properties contained within the oil itself as it flows through the sensor. Within these properties, sensors can detect characteristics that are related to oil degradation, and then they’re recorded in the controller.

The reason the SOS SmartOIL Sensor is so accurate is actually a simple one. Since all the oil in the unit flows through the sensor – not just a small sampling – the most precise reading is ensured.

Pitco SOS Oil Filter

The real reason to use SOS oil monitoring…

Is to determine exactly when to filter your oil. If you’re using a manual filtration process, you need to determine the purity and remaining use life of that oil, and the best way to make smart decisions is to base them on smart data.

Simply put, knowing the exact moments when you need to change oil will have an enormous impact on your oil savings figures. This ensures a healthier bottom line while ensuring the foods that emerge from your kitchen are of the highest quality. Dispensing oil too soon wastes money. Getting rid of bad oil too late causes unwanted flavors and aromas in your food. Neither are good options.

For more information about oil filtration and the SOS oil monitoring system, schedule a free fryer consultation with Pitco.


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