A Quick Primer on the Different Types of Commercial Fryers

Not every type of fryer is right for every type of fried food application. Think about it. We fry ingredients ranging from chicken to shishito peppers, and not every type of commercial fryer should be used in every type of operation.

So what are the different types of fryer options? Which ones are right for certain menu items? What are some considerations for choosing a commercial fryer?

Let’s take a quick look at the different types of fryers.

Ribbon Fryers

Maybe some of the most common fryer types, ribbon fryers are great in high volume operations because they can quickly heat oil and prepare a wide range of menu items. They are ideal for any fried foods. These heating elements are used in electric-powered fryers, Pitco features a pivoting heating element to make cleaning fryers an easier process.

Tube Fryers

This type of fryer is extremely versatile and is great for foods with a high concentration of sediments. This means they’re great for fried chicken or larger volume foods that may require longer cook times when compared to other menu items. These are used in gas-powered fryers and where Pitco uses their Solstice™ technology. Pitco tube fryers with Solstice technology are self-cleaning burners with great recovery times.

Rack Fryers

The best options for fried chicken, rack fryers allow you to experience the top-of-the-line automation while pumping out large quantities of the most in-demand fried menu item out there. Whether it is bone-in chicken pieces, boneless chicken breasts, or popcorn chicken, load up racks and drop them into the fryer for the best quality fried chicken. The racks keep the chicken from floating to the top of the tank and keep them floating in the oil for better quality. Pitco rack fryers feature fully automated filtration, and come in both manual and automated lifts.

Flat Bottom Fryers

Flat bottom fryers are perfect for the commercial foodservice operation that cooks large quantities of fresh breaded product. Just as they are named, these fryers have wider and more shallow fry tanks with a flat bottom. Used for free-floating menu items, this fryer allows these foods to float freely to cook without adhering to heating elements or other products during their cook cycles.

Countertop Fryers

As the name says, countertop fryers go on the countertop and are great for operations that have limited space. They’re pretty versatile but have a limited volume capacity. These are great additions to ensure that you can provide truly gluten-free options in addition to your full menu. Many smaller operations will immediately go for countertop fryers as an option to begin to add fried menu items, but they could actually benefit more from freestanding fryer options.

The Pitco Difference

Aside from the individual differences mentioned in each fryer type, the Pitco difference in commercial fryers is seen in both the quality and the options for commercial operations. With quality equipment built in our American-based factory, Pitco takes the quality of our production seriously from each step in the manufacturing process. Not only does Pitco offer a wide variety of accessories for your needs, but we also offer options for different budgets and different energy requirements. This allows us to match the best fryer based on your menu, your throughput, and your space requirements.

Let Pitco help you determine the best fryer for your kitchen.

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