Automate Your Frying with Computer Controls

Time is money in foodservice. And time spent doing anything in a commercial kitchen has a cost associated with it. The challenge for foodservice operators is to ensure their staff is focusing their valuable time where they are needed most. Enabling automation with your frying process is one way to maximize the efficiency of your staff, save time, and produce consistent products. With Pitco’s computer controls, adding automation has never been easier.

Pitco’s 12-Button Computer Controls

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In the evolution of fryer controls, computer controls have all the benefits of digital fryer controls and more. Where digital controls introduce more precise temperature control and timing to advanced controls, 12-Button Computer take the next step in automating the cooking process with that precision. These fryer controls help create a more efficient operation by simplifying the operation.

Incorporating fryer automation saves your staff time and worry by taking the guesswork out of determining if the food is done or if the oil is hot enough. That means a busy kitchen will have less error due to untrained or inattentive kitchen staff.

Computer controls for fryers allow cooking staff to focus on other meal preparation tasks without worrying about fried food that is too crisp, grease-soaked, or undercooked. So how does the push of a button make so much of a difference? Let’s take a closer look at a few of the benefits of these controls.

Labor Savings

Automation in foodservice has never been more prominent, and for good reason. With staff shortages or employees stretched thin with tasks in the kitchen, any opportunity to improve efficiencies is welcome by staff and operators alike. With automated cooking processes, employees can focus their efforts on more manual processes like food prep or areas with a higher demand for attentiveness. With automated controls and smart timers on fryers, the staff is alerted when product is fully cooked, no matter what you’re frying.

During the hustle and bustle of kitchen activities, you will find that the best fryer controls are easy to use and easy to read. While Pitco’s computer controls have a number of standout features, the learning curve is short. For example, smart computer controls for fryers can determine if food has reached the proper temperature to indicate doneness. The cooking staff will avoid delivering food that is either undercooked or overcooked. With the ability to regulate frying time and temperatures for up to 12 stored recipes, most frying needs can be done with a simple press of a button.

Cost Savings

The steady regulation of oil temperatures will prolong the life and quality of your cooking oil – saving operators on the cost of changing out oil that has become dark, foamy, or rancid. Computer controls can connect to automated filtration systems, which eliminate labor demands and extend your oil’s lifespan.

With its accurate temperature and timing, over-and under-cooked product can be a thing of the past. Reducing overcooked foods, in turn, eliminates unnecessary food waste, a highly expensive result of inaccurate cooking processes. And automated hold timers mean product lasts longer and maintains its quality. Lowering wasteful costs significantly.

Smarter Controls for Commercial Fryers

Computer controls for commercial fryers will exhibit better oil longevity and deliver better taste for your customers, all while lessening the load on your staff. Our experts can help you decide which fryer controls best match your operation’s menu and needs. Request a Frying Consultation from your local Pitco expert to get started.


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