The Top 5 Benefits of Upgrading to Pitco Solstice Supreme Fryers with Smart Features

Commercial kitchens are fast-paced environments. Having access to foodservice equipment with the right features won’t slow things down. But it can have a significant impact in helping operators maximize the potential of staff. Solstice technology from Pitco offers great potential to operators looking to navigate labor shortages and increasing consumer demands. Using the right equipment that provides the right benefits can help. No matter which of the Pitco Solstice Supreme Fryers you choose, there are benefits to increasing efficiency and productivity within the operation.

Navigating the Complexities of Fry Station Management in a Busy Kitchen

Because of numerous inflationary pressures, the prices of ingredients continue to rise, including cooking oil. Furthermore, many restaurant owners have difficulty hiring the right staff, as we just mentioned. Lastly, consumers are demanding efficiency, quality, and sustainability. While robotics in commercial kitchens can eventually become an option, we’re still several years away from full adoption. Oil prices will almost always be variable, and satisfying customers will always be a goal. What are some options to help solve these challenges, then, as it relates to a frying program? Restaurant owners and foodservice operators must strike the right balance as they establish commercial fry stations. Using the right equipment can make a major difference.

5 Ways Pitco Solstice Supreme Fryers Can Streamline Your Commercial Kitchen

Now, Solstice Supreme Fryers from Pitco provide smart features. Making it easier for restaurant owners and managers to address some of the abovementioned challenges.

Some of the top smart features include:

Automatic Filtration

The automatic filtration system can help restaurant owners save a significant amount of time while removing impurities that would otherwise harm the efficiency of the equipment and take away from the flavor of the dish.

Automatic Oil Disposal

An automatic oil disposal system means that restaurant owners no longer have to rely on staff to manually dump cooking oil, which can save time and reduce the chances of someone getting hurt.

Automatic Oil Top-Off

An automatic oil top-off system can also make sure that commercial fryers have the right level of oil for the dish being made. Employees no longer have to worry about manually topping off the frying system.

SOS Smart Oil Sensor

The smart oil sensor is also an important feature because it makes it easier for restaurant owners and managers to tell when the oil is going bad. It can automatically notify workers when it is time to change the oil in the appliance.

Versatile Lineup

Space is at a premium, and having access to a modular lineup can make it easier for restaurant owners and managers to adjust the layout of their appliances to accommodate the needs of various dishes. This new Solstice Supreme Fryer can be an important part of a commercial kitchen’s modular lineup.

With access to all of these benefits, it is obvious that Solstice Supreme Fryers can make a positive difference in commercial kitchens everywhere.

Upgrade Your Fry Game with Pitco Solstice Supreme Fryers

The smart features that are available from the new Pitco Smart Solstice Supreme Fryers can help commercial kitchens reduce waste, cut their overhead expenses, save time, and meet the demands of their customers. With new appliances, commercial kitchens can take advantage of an unprecedented degree of flexibility, which could place them one step ahead of the competition. Restaurant managers should take a closer look at these smart appliances today to learn more about how they can make a positive difference in the kitchen.

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