Build a Better Fryer Station With Pitco Solstice Supreme Fryers


Commercial kitchens are always looking for ways to reduce their overhead expenses. And one of the easiest ways to do so is to save space in the kitchen. That means upgrading equipment that is easier for staff members to use and can perform multiple functions at once.

Because of these goals, modular fryer lineups have become more popular as they provide commercial kitchen operations with an opportunity to customize their fryers to match needs while creating a more versatile menu. Foodservice professionals should consider all of the benefits of modular fryers and use them to improve safety, efficiency, and food quality.

The Benefits of Modular Fryer Lineups

Modular fryer lineups refer to the process of using fryers and cooking appliances that can be shifted to match the needs of the menu. For example, there may be some situations where restaurants need to have their frying stations in one particular order. Then, if an adjustment is made to the menu, the order of these frying stations can be adjusted to make it easier to prepare a different type of ticket.

Modular fryer lineups can be customized to meet the specific needs of a commercial kitchen, which makes it easier to grow, scale, and expand menu options to match the needs of patrons. Commercial kitchens and operators can mix and match different pieces together to create the perfect size and configuration for the needs of the menu and kitchen. Even if kitchens already have a preferred battery, it is relatively easy to add a fryer to the mix. As a result, modular fryers are a great way to enhance the menu.

Streamline the Cooking Process and Increase Efficiency

There are several significant benefits that commercial kitchens will enjoy if they decide to go with modular fryers. One of the biggest benefits is that modular fryers can save a tremendous amount of space. With modular fryers, commercial kitchens no longer need to have multiple fryer stations. Therefore, commercial kitchens don’t need to be as big, which can reduce the cost of real estate.

Furthermore, because commercial kitchens do not need to have as many workstations, they don’t need to hire as many people. As in operational efficiencies that make it easier to turn around orders, and the result is an operation that can serve more meals in a single night, creating opportunities for revenue growth with efficient commercial fryers.

Elevating Your Fryer Station to the Next Level with Smart Features

Clearly, there are plenty of reasons why commercial kitchens should consider going with a modular fryer. Pitco is the only company on the market that allows you to mix and match fryer sizes! Learn more about the Pitco Solstice Supreme Fryers. It comes with a variety of smart features that can improve food quality, reduce the number of mistakes that might be made, and increase efficiency.

For example, the Pitco Solstice Supreme Fryer comes with automatic filtration. Making it easier to prevent dirty oil from contaminating the cooking process. There’s also an automatic oil disposal feature which makes it easier to remove dirty oil before replacing it. With a smart oil sensor, it is easier for restaurants and commercial kitchens to tell when oil has gone bad. Giving even more reason for restaurants to take full advantage of these smart features from the Pitco Solstice Supreme Fryer.

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