Drum vs. Flat: Breaking Down the Great Chicken Wing Debate

Drums or flats? Runners versus fliers? Stems or flappers? Skateboard? Clothespins? Whatever words you use to describe the different parts of the chicken wing, it seems everyone has a favorite and is quick to defend that preference to the bitter end.

But what about the beginning?

As the story goes, there was a bartender in Buffalo, New York named Dominic, and his mother, Teressa, worked in the kitchen. One late night, some of Dominic’s friends stopped by, and they were ready to eat. In fact, they were ravenous. Teressa threw some cut up chicken wings into the fryer and tossed them with a secret sauce. From that point forward, the Anchor Bar and the famous Buffalo Wing became American icons.

We all know how things evolved with chicken wings, but did you know there’s a great debate on which part of the wing is best? Let’s take a quick look at both.


Team Drum is typically comprised of fans who like more meat on the bone, as well as a wing that is easier to dip and eat with one hand. A quick review of Team Drum web reviews seems to be centered around this blend of convenience and substance. That, and the fact the drum is perfect for fitting into a plastic ramekin of blue cheese dressing. Others recognize this larger size as being great for holding sauce, though that, too, is debatable when you talk to people in…


Team Flat also says they’re better suited to hold sauce or blue cheese dressing. Similarly, they also claim more surface area of crispy skin when compared to the drums. Though Team Drum may declare more meat, Team Flat is quick to mention the flats have less cartilage and the meat is easier to remove. And as far as the struggle with dipping flats in plastic ramekins goes, simply dumping the sauce on the plate and dipping the flat into the sauce is the best way to get maximum coverage.

national buffalo chicken wing festival (1)WHERE THERE’S CROSSOVER

No matter which team you’re on, it seems like everyone can agree that boneless wings are boring. With a lack of flavor and an inability to hold sauce, everyone seems adamant about at least choosing one team or the other, if not both.

There’s also some popularity to the statement that true Buffalo Wing lovers like a blend of both in their orders. If you like wings, it just shouldn’t matter as much, some say.

Buffalo Wings not your thing? Tell us what is!


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