Benefits Behind Built-In Filtration

Did you know that Pitco was the first fryer company to have a fully contained filtration system within a fryer? The patented oil filtration system stands strong as the most effective and efficient way to manage your oil use, but the benefits don’t end there.

Oil Management with Commercial Deep Fryers

Choosing the right fryer for your operation is a first great step to having an efficient fry station in your kitchen. Adding built-in filtration will help your business maintain profits by getting the most production capacity out of the oil you cook in. The most costly aspect of a fryer is the oil you use to cook with and if you are wasting oil by not filtering it from time to time, a Solstice filter drawer will pay for itself in no time.

As you continue to cook in the fryer vat the oil will start to darken and eventually start to change the way the food coming out of the fryer tastes. If you let the oil sit too long you risk the quality and consistency of your menu items served to customers. If you dispose of the oil too quickly, you are throwing costly resources out with the waste. With a built-in filtration system, you can ensure you are using the most out of oil you have while removing the large and small debris from the tank.

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How It Works and the Safety Benefits That Follow

Whether you are in between a meal rush or ending a full day of frying it’s time to filter your oil. When you start a filter cycle, the drain at the bottom of the tank opens up and the oil drains down to the bottom of the fryer. At the bottom is a drawer with a filter screen and a fresh filter envelope. These act as barriers to help catch the residue and sediment that darken fryer oil with use, and separate them from the oil that is still usable for the fryer. Next, a pump returns the newly filtered oil back into the fry vat and leaves behind the waste.

Not only have you renewed your kitchen resources, this system makes it easy on staff to do so. Hot oil is a hazardous material to handle and this system minimizes the human interaction needed for the process. Now all they have to focus on is caring for the tank during the filtration process.

If you want to know exactly when to filter your oil, and exactly when the oil in your fryer is no longer usable? Check out the SOS Smart Oil Sensor!

Finding Balance in Your Books

Built-in filtration systems are more costly than their more cumbersome alternatives, but these systems can pay for themselves in oil savings. If you finance these upgrades to your fryer then staff can begin to experience the benefits immediately and you can won’t have the stress of unloading too much budget at once on your fry station.

Let our experts review your oil usage and find the right oil management systems for you!


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