Chicken Foodservice Trends for 2023

There’s a reason why the phrase “tastes like chicken” has become such a part of the vernacular in the United States. Simply put, it’s America’s favorite protein, and diners consider it a cost-effective option when looking for meat. Its popularity also means you’ll see this type of poultry on trend lists. Here are some chicken foodservice trends we expect to see emerge in 2023.

Bold, Contrasting Flavors Are Popular

Bold flavors were in demand in 2022, and the demand will grow in 2023. For example, many people are still interested in a blend of sweet and spicy. This may include spicy Sriracha mixed with honey, or it could include chipotle chicken mixed with a citrus sauce. Indeed, many people are looking for flavors outside the box, such as Yuzu and tropical flavors. Botanicals are another trending option as a flavor for chicken. For example, many consumers are looking for dandelion, shiso leaves, and other unique flavors they can add to their chicken menu choices.

The Chicken Sandwich Is Still King

Even though chicken foodservice trends continue to change around the edges, the chicken sandwich is still king. Lots of consumers are passionate about which restaurant has the best chicken sandwich, and it appears that every restaurant has its unique twist. Simply put, brands should find a way to define their version of the chicken sandwich. If restaurants and foodservice establishments can specify what makes their chicken sandwiches different and of higher quality, they will have an easier time driving sales in 2023.

Purchase Locations Are Changing

In the past, there was a clear demarcation between quick-service and fast-casual restaurants, and there has often been a price premium for meals purchased at fast-casual compared to quick-service. Now, the price of a chicken sandwich at a quick-service restaurant is almost the same as that of a chicken sandwich at a fast-casual with the price difference between two restaurants for the same menu item registering at as little as three percent. Restaurants that want to succeed need to prioritize the customer experience. If restaurants can provide customers with a positive experience, they will have an easier time maintaining customer loyalty in 2023.

Organic Remains Strong

During the past few years, people have paid more attention to what they eat than ever before. And it’s one reason why the market share for organic chicken has grown dramatically during the past few years. Organic chicken will continue to remain strong in 2023, including both the fresh and frozen markets. A recent report indicated that the organic chicken market is expected to grow by approximately 16.85 percent during the next few years. Forty percent of this growth will come from North America. Organic chicken market growth in the United States and Canada will be faster than in other parts of the world, and restaurants need to be prepared to take advantage of this demand.

Demand Is High, and Staffing Is Low

There is a tremendous amount of demand for chicken, but staffing continues to remain an issue no matter what’s on the menu. Many restaurants are having a difficult time attracting employees to work, and that means foodservice businesses need to turn to technology to help. For example, robotic trends in restaurants are becoming more common, and it could be a way for restaurants to reduce their expenses while simultaneously dealing with a rising labor shortage. Foodservice establishments that invest in the latest technology will have an easier time meeting the demands of their patrons.

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