Why Chicken Salt is the Underrated Hero of French Fry Recipes

Chicken salt, a seasoning from Australia known for its umami flavor and rich taste, has become a staple for enhancing fries with its unique blend of ingredients. Despite its popularity Down Under, it remains relatively unknown in the US, facing competition from established brands and a market saturated with seasonings. At this point, there are likely several questions spinning around in your head, so let’s start with the one we know most people are asking.

What is Chicken Salt?

Chicken salt was first introduced in 1979 by the Mitani family in Australia, marking the beginning of its journey as a cherished seasoning. Originally crafted to enhance the flavor of rotisserie chicken, this savory salt quickly became a staple for seasoning fries and other fast foods across Australia. It typically consists of a blend of herbs, spices, salt, onion powder, and garlic powder, providing a unique umami flavor that has gained popularity not only in Australia but also in New Zealand.

Beyond its basic use on fries, chicken salt is versatile in the culinary world. It can rim cocktail glasses, enhance chicken marinades, serve as a dry rub, or add a flavor boost to popcorn and roasted vegetables. This adaptability makes it a favorite for operators in the know, who appreciate its ability to elevate simple dishes with its rich, savory taste. And, yes, it certainly helps elevate a restaurant’s French fry game, as well.

Transforming Your French Fry Game with Chicken Salt

There are many processes for creating the gold standard French fry, and the seasoning step is an important one. Though it’s one of the last things done during the cooking process, the seasoning is often the first thing perceived by the customer. Choose your seasonings wisely.

Chicken salt is great because of its versatility, and it can make chicken salt-seasoned fries a great accompaniment to a range of dishes. Because it includes ingredients like onion powder, garlic powder, celery salt, paprika, chicken bouillon, and curry powder, the combination has a distinctive umami flavor that appeals to many palates.

Internationally, this famous seasoning from Down Under is beginning to make its mark. The Mitani family expanded their market by exporting to the UK in 1991, responding to growing demand. In the United States, adaptations of chicken salt include ingredients like chicken bouillon and kosher salt, tailoring the flavor to suit local tastes. This global expansion underscores the versatile appeal of chicken salt, making it a significant player in the seasoning industry worldwide.

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