Creating a Profitable Game Day Menu

When football season is in full swing, sports bars enjoy all the perks of having built-in audiences whenever a game is on. However, when it comes to the biggest game of the year, the best option is to plan ahead with a specific game-day menu. While some locations may decide to serve their regular fare, crafting a unique menu allows operations to accommodate guests more efficiently.

Tips for Creating the Perfect Game Day Menu

One of the biggest challenges foodservice operations experience with the Big Game is that many people plan parties at home. So, restaurants are not just competing with each other, but a slate of delicious dishes people can make themselves. One of the primary purposes of a specific game-day menu is to offer unique items that guests can’t get anywhere else, including in their living room.

The second reason for creating this kind of menu is to streamline the back-of-house operations. A simplified menu allows chefs to focus on high-ticket dishes and not waste time on less-profitable items.

Finally, having a unique menu for the Big Game allows bars and restaurants to market themselves against a sea of competitors. When guests know they can get specialty items on game day, they’re more likely to visit and spend money.

Foodservice establishments must also consider other logistical challenges like labor shortages and supply chain issues. So, it’s crucial to have an optimized menu. Dishes should have easy-to-secure ingredients and streamlined preparation so kitchens can get more done with fewer workers.

What’s On the Menu?

One of the easiest ways for establishments to create an efficient menu is to rely on fried foods. Here are some top options to keep the crowds coming on game day and beyond.


Most sports bars offer fries as a quintessential side, but this delicious food is much more versatile than that. Just because fries have a history of playing second fiddle doesn’t mean they have to sit on the sidelines for game day. Restaurants can utilize fries as a base ingredient for different food options, such as carne asada, shrimp, and cheese. Fries work well as a canvas for all kinds of creative dishes.


In 2021, chicken wings were in short supply, threatening the bottom line of many sports bars during football season. Fortunately, the landscape is much better in 2022, but there are still some cost and supply challenges. As everyone knows, the Big Game is the biggest day for wings, all thanks to the Buffalo Bills and their winning streak in the 1980s. So, it’s virtually impossible to create a game day menu without some wings on it.


Although big main dishes should highlight the menu, appetizers can also steal the show. Typically, guests want items that allow them to share with friends and sample different flavors. Some examples of game day apps can include jalapeno poppers, fried potato skins, mozzarella sticks, and chicken tenders. It’s also wise to offer delicious dips like beer cheese or queso.

Never Sacrifice Equipment Quality for a Game Day Menu

With so many fried options on the menu, bars must keep up with demand without overloading their equipment. Fortunately, Pitco fryers are highly efficient and can work through the entire day without breaking down. Pitco also offers reduced oil volume (ROV) fryers so businesses can deliver dishes quickly without losing too much oil in the process. Finally, automatic fryers can prevent burnt dishes and allow fewer workers to handle larger rushes.

Get a headstart on your game day menus and schedule a fryer consultation today!


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