Expanding Menus with Creative French Fry Dishes

French fries have always been a staple side dish. From burgers to chicken wings to sandwiches, fries are often the go-to option for restaurants and foodservice operations. However, while they’re still the undisputed king of sides, customers crave more variety. For operators, this means expanding menus with creative French fry dishes can be both popular — and profitable — as we all look for the Gold Standard in fries.

The Art of Fries Beyond Tradition

It’s unclear when and where fries were invented. But despite the name, many believe French fries may have originated in Belgium, not France. However, it’s also likely that they developed in both countries around the same time, and the French made them mainstream first, so they got all the credit.

Given their European roots, fries are still enjoyed in France, Belgium, and many other parts of the Old World (fish and chips in England, anyone?). Typically, fries are part of a main dish and served with some kind of meat, such as steak or mussels.

While the traditional basket of fries as a side dish will likely remain constant forever, many operators are starting to realize their potential. Thankfully, French fries are highly versatile, so it’s easy to incorporate them into modern food trends.

For example, birria, a spicy and sweet smokey stew, is currently trending. An easy way for operators can take advantage of the high demand? By creating birria fries. Similarly, Nashville Hot Spices are hot (pardon the pun!), and making a batch of Nashville Hot Chicken fries with pieces of chicken and hot sauce mixed in is easy and delicious.

There’s no limit to how creative operators and chefs can get. Plus, fries come in all shapes and sizes, so many variations are available beyond the traditional options of crinkle-cut or julienne.

A Global Twist to Your Foodservice Menu with Creative French Fry Dishes

While operators can get creative in their kitchens, they can also look to other regions and cultures for inspiration. For example, Chorrillana is a Chilean dish made of fries, sliced meat, sausages, and other ingredients. Similarly, curry chips, including thick-cut fries doused in various curry sauces, are highly popular in Ireland and England.

Utilizing cultural traditions can help operators expand their market share and introduce their customers to world flavors. Poutine dishes can appeal to any Canadian visitors or expats, while Cajun fries can appeal to those from the Creole south or who enjoy a little spice to their dishes. Chefs and operators can also mix and match different flavor combinations to create something familiar yet unique.

History is full of examples of new dishes that seemed bizarre at the time, such as potato chips and chocolate cookies, but are now household names. Unique variations of French fries may serve as the ultimate frontier for restaurants and foodservice brands trying to stand out above the crowd.

Unique versions of French Fries with Pitco Commercial Fryers

While new fried dishes can be appealing, they all require the same thing: a high-quality commercial fryer. Without this equipment, operators can’t leverage the profitability and appeal of French fries.

Fortunately, Pitco fryers are uniquely suited to meet growing demand. Not only do these fryers come in various sizes to accommodate larger order volumes, but they incorporate modern features. These fryers top off the oil automatically, remove the basket when a dish is cooked, and help recycle oil so it can last longer.

Overall, Pitco is the best asset operators can have when trying to develop new fry-based menus. With the right tools and creativity, anything is possible.


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