Why ENERGY STAR® Fryers Are a Smart Investment for Your Business


The trend is evident: customers love restaurants committed to sustainable business practices, and operators can embrace this trend with energy-efficient commercial fryers.

Sustainability in Commercial Kitchens: The Role of Energy Star-Rated Fryers

Sustainability is one of the best reasons to invest in ENERGY STAR® fryers. Customers love sustainable businesses, and restaurants that fulfill a pledge to be environmentally conscious can create an advantage over the competition. Why? Per Nielsen reports, most customers will pay more for a product or service if the business they are purchasing from is sustainable. In fact, within the ever-desirable millennial demographic, 74 percent of consumers feel this way. Simply put, restaurants and foodservice operators can’t afford to be left out of the sustainability conversation, as it’s more than a trend.

With energy-efficient commercial fryers, restaurants can reduce greenhouse gas emissions, which helps conserve natural resources. Being sustainable brings in more customers, but it’s also the right thing for businesses to do. In addition to energy savings, the suitable fryers can use reduced oil volume, contain smart oil sensors, integrate with oil management systems, and include other technologies that promote sustainability and help reduce overhead simultaneously.

Green Business Practices: Choosing Pitco ENERGY STAR® Rated Fryers

Energy-efficient commercial fryers go hand in hand with other sustainable business practices such as using renewable energy sources, recycling, and reducing expensive food waste. When restaurant chains and independent restaurants make green decisions, everyone benefits, and customers love it. Operators love it, too, because most of today’s consumers are willing to pay more for sustainable alternatives.

A Pitco ENERGY STAR fryer fits right into the picture of a more sustainable, eco-friendly business. Most people don’t know that restaurants can use up to seven times more energy per square foot than other types of commercial buildings. That’s expensive. But with energy-efficient commercial fryers, restaurants can reduce those costs and keep customers happy. Restaurants can cook more products with greater efficiency when they embrace Pitco ENERGY STAR fryers.

Here’s the best part: most states offer rebates to restaurants that purchase Energy Star fryers.

Maximizing Profit and Safety with Electric Fryers

Energy-efficient commercial fryers, particularly electric fryers, can have several benefits. While many restaurants are committed to gas cooking, more restaurants are switching to electric cooking as regulations change nationwide. Natural gas bans are increasing, and in the United States, that means new buildings are more likely to have gas cooking restrictions. Restaurants looking into newer construction will need to consider electric fryers seriously.

Fortunately, a restaurant using electric fryers can benefit from ENERGY STAR ratings. With sophisticated, updated technology, a fried food program can be more efficient and safer than ever. With faster cook times, reduced waste, less utility spending, and money saved using smart oil management, today’s foodservice operations can function more profitably.

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