How Restaurants are Enhancing Menus with Fried Foods

When people look for delicious food, they often reach for fried food. The crispy textures, delicious flavors, and comfort food appeal is something just about everyone enjoys. Basically, the basics of fried foods are never going away, but today, restaurants are getting more creative with developing fried food options on their menus.

This is important because menu expansion is an important tool for attracting new customers in an ever-competitive restaurant industry. Making fried foods a centerpiece in this expansion is important because the number of fried options on restaurant menus has increased by 5 percent during the past year. At the same time, the chicken sandwich wars continue. No matter the restaurant type, whether it’s fast casual or full-service restaurants, more and more operators are looking to take advantage of the profitability of fried foods. This has led to many fast food chains and restaurants rethinking their menus as they look for a way to meet the rising demands.

Create a Meaner (Not Leaner) Fried Food Menu

While there are plenty of ways for restaurants to expand their menus, one of the best ways to do so is to invest in a solid fry station. Any operation should be able to handle the volume of fried foods ordered by customers. How many fried food orders will patrons place daily? The fryer must handle this kind of demand to ensure order turnaround times are quick.

The restaurant also has to have enough space to accommodate a solid fryer. If menu expansion is on the table. It must be done efficiently within the given space in the back of the house (or sometimes in front). Commercial kitchens must find commercial fryers that will fit in tight spaces to maximize throughput potential.

Restaurant menu expansion also means innovation. Commercial fryer technology has come a long way, and restaurants should invest in a fryer with both gas and electric power sources. Some commercial fryers also come with innovative cleaning options, making maintenance much easier.

There are even ventless commercial fryers, which help restaurants save even more space. Restaurant managers and operators must consider the volume, space, and technological features the commercial fryer provides before deciding which one is right for their needs.

How Your Fryer Lineup Can Grow Your Business

Commercial fryers are essential for just about every kitchen, but not all commercial fryers are the same. Now, Pitco has a seamless, customizable fryer lineup that can accommodate changes in the restaurant industry and adjustments for fried food menu expansion.

A modular fryer lineup is an innovative way to customize not only the kitchen space but the menu as well. Modular fryers are versatile because they can be tailored to match the offerings on the menu. With interchangeable piping, restaurants and fast-food chains can create a seamless fryer lineup that can handle everything from French fries to corn dogs.

Furthermore, modular fryers are energy-efficient, allowing restaurants to cut back on their overhead expenses. This frees up money that can be spent on other ingredients, such as food and oil. These fryers also make the cleanup process easier, saving time and money throughout the day.

As the commercial kitchen menu continues to change, restaurants must invest in fryers that will change with it. Restaurants that invest in the right commercial fryers will have an easier time staying one step ahead of the competition while more easily meeting the demands of their patrons.

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