A Brief Equipment Guide for a Profitable French Fry Program

There’s no doubting the fact that fries are the perfect side dish. Tasty, textured, and versatile, they carry a universal appeal that also garners profits. While much success in a profitable French fry program can be attributed to the quality of ingredients and the expanse of a chef’s imagination, those aren’t the only things that matter.

With the right tools, it’s possible to store, cook, hold, and serve French fries in a way that preserves quality while enhancing profitability. Yes, we’re a fryer manufacturer, so we certainly do understand the importance of using the right fryer configuration to create the Gold Standard fry. It’s not the only piece of foodservice equipment that can help, though. Here are some ideas for serving a better French fry.

Going Beyond the Fryer to Build a Profitable French Fry Program


Yes, we have to mention ourselves to begin. There’s no way around it. Selecting the right fryer is critical to delivering the perfect fry, and there are many considerations: style, volume, kitchen space, power sources, recovery times, and oil filtration, to name a few. The more these items are considered, the better the choice will be. Sound confusing? It doesn’t have to be. Try our Pitco Product Selector to learn more.


Carter-Hoffmann’s Counter-Top Crisp ‘N Hold can revolutionize the way you handle and serve fries. Available in various sizes, ranging from 14″ to 40″ wide, these units come equipped with removable food dividers, allowing simultaneous holding of different food items. The inclusion of a removable, washable filter adds an extra layer of convenience, safeguarding components from oils and vapors. With large food bays featuring adjustable dividers, this product offers flexibility to cater to diverse culinary needs.


Need an extra pair of arms in the kitchen? The Lab2Fab FryBot has you covered, quite literally, with a robotic arm that is capable of running a fry station. FryBot offers a multitude of benefits for commercial kitchens, enhancing various aspects of the frying process. Notably, it improves production speed and ensures consistent quality, contributing to increased efficiency and minimizing ingredient waste. The automation provided by FryBot not only streamlines the frying process but also enhances employee safety, reducing the risk of frying-related injuries and liabilities.


With varying size options and the choice between glass and solid doors, the U-Line Upright Freezer caters to the specific needs of your kitchen. Beyond its customizable features, units provide easy-to-use controls, instilling confidence in kitchen staff when storing ingredients. Whether you’re seeking an efficient solution for French fry storage or preserving a diverse range of culinary essentials, the U-Line Upright Freezer emerges as a dependable and practical choice, ensuring the longevity and quality of your ingredients.


Fries without sauce? Okay, maybe from time to time, but ultimately, the Gold Standard French fry requires an awesome sauce. Wunder-Bar’s Condiment Dispensers offer portion control for various condiments, from ketchup and mustard to BBQ sauce and salad dressings. (Yes, ranch dressing is one of our French fry favorites.) Choose from countertop or remote countertop options, accommodating diverse kitchen needs with a hassle-free setup. By eliminating the need for condiment packs, these dispensers can save up to 30% on condiment costs, making them a cost-effective, efficient, and hygienic solution for your establishment.


If your deep fryer had a best friend, it would be a Taylor RAM Frozen Food Dispenser. It dispenses ready-to-fry products on demand, so your staff always cooks from 100% frozen. That means crispier food, longer-lasting oil, and a happy, happy fryer. Even better? Happy customers. Creating the Gold Standard fry will always keep them coming back for more.


Refrigerated Topping Rails from APW Wyott are great for holding ingredients that require refrigeration. From shredded cheese to tomatoes, each ingredient can be held in a separate compartment that reduces the transfer of flavors and odors, allowing chefs to enjoy an easy-to-clean mise en place setup. Topping rails are great in French fry applications for situations like poutine or smothered fries.


Speaking of poutine, what about that silky-smooth gravy? Try blending it down with a Globe Immersion Blender for the ultimate in elegant consistency, done consistently, of course. Having an immersion blender makes it easier to create sauces, dressings, and dips to take those French fries to the next level.

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