Exploring The Paper Filter Shortage And How To Overcome It

Supply chain and labor shortages have created a bottleneck where paper filters of all sorts and sizes are scarce and hard to find. Factories are facing tremendous hardships when it comes to packaging which directly affects the consumer market. The paper goods shortage can be attributed to an increase in demand for paper-based materials that are affected due to increased shipping, a need for more to-go materials, and labor shortages. But there are solutions.

Importance of Oil Filtration

The most expensive aspect of offering fried foods is the amount of money businesses spend on oil. By using filtration, oil can be extended longer, saving money. Oftentimes, restaurant operators will think that oil filtration is a waste, but they’re wrong. Throwing out old and using new oil regularly ends up being more expensive than using an oil filtration system. And in addition to filtration, the filter paper being used is important.

What’s Going on With the Filter Paper Shortage

Paper filters are made from wood pulp. The current pulp supply is having a hard time keeping up with demand because of long-term growth. Although recycled boxes are used, and forests controlled, the supply cannot sustain itself from a consistently growing demand. To combat this problem, additional mills may have to be created, which is another setback in production.

Paper filters have many uses that extend beyond coffee filters. In fact, paper filters are used in the commercial foodservice industry every day. With the shortage of paper filters, many foodservice industries must look for alternative methods to continue seamless operations. For foodservice companies that deal with fried foods, paper filters are a crucial part of daily operations.

Pitco Deep Fryer Filter Paper

Pitco can help alleviate the need for standard paper filters and circumvent the shortage with our deep fryer filter paper. This quality filter paper ensures you get the most use without compromising the quality of food. When used with the Pitco Integrated Oil Management System that includes ROV Fryer, an SOS SmartOIL Sensor, and the Infinity Touch Controller, wasting oil and compromising value is no longer an option.

Paperless Filter Option

Ready to go paperless and not have to worry about shortages? Our portable deep fryer filtration systems have a capacity to hold up to 55 lbs. of oil. With the option of a one-way or two-way pump, the portable filtration unit records data for up to three batches, records the number of oil hours in use, and is ENERGY STAR certified. The result of using a paperless filter option? Increased safety for operations that are directly handling oil, fewer deliveries, and fewer waste pickups, helping save time and money.

Ready to learn more on how Pitco filter paper and paperless filter options can help your foodservice business? Click below to have a local expert help you decide which option is best for you.

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