Unconditional Love For Father’s Day And Fried Food

Typically, Mother’s Day gets all the attention from restaurants, and for a good reason. Over 90 million people dine out on that holiday, making it the biggest brunch day of the year. However, while Father’s Day doesn’t bring in quite so many numbers, it’s not a holiday to neglect. Restaurants see a substantial boost on Father’s Day, which is good since the summer doesn’t bring any other holiday options. So, let’s see how restaurants can anticipate and adapt to customers’ preferences.

Father’s Day Restaurant Stats

Father’s Day actually ranks third on the list of busiest spending holidays, falling behind Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day. For restaurants, Mother’s Day brings a 47 percent bump, while Father’s Day brings an extra 22 percent of revenue. That said, not all restaurants see identical increases. For example, on Father’s Day, steakhouses are the number one restaurant type, seeing an extra 75 percent boost.

Overall, the top five restaurant options for Father’s Day include steakhouses, fine dining, Cuban, barbecue, and seafood. So, these restaurants will likely see a more significant bump than other locations.

What’s On the Menu?

Although Mother’s Day is all about brunch, Father’s Day typically sees diners coming for dinner. As we’ve seen, meats and seafood are at the top of the list, so restaurants should focus on these items when building a Father’s Day menu. So, instead of an expanded brunch menu with eggs benedict, Belgian waffles, and mimosas, establishments might focus on:

Chicken and Waffles

Waffles aren’t exclusive to breakfast, and they pair well with fried chicken. This dish offers guests a mix of both meals so they feel like they’re having something unique yet familiar. Technically, it’s possible to swap out these ingredients for other ones (i.e., steak and pancakes). However, chicken and waffles seem to be the top staple for this combination of sweet and savory.

Steak and Potatoes

Since steakhouses see the biggest increase for Father’s Day, restaurants should highlight their steak and beef offerings. Even if a place doesn’t have multiple types of steak, alternatives like prime rib or beef ribs can be just as tempting. Also, since barbecue is a top choice, beef brisket might be a suitable item as well. Fried potatoes of any sort are always a welcome addition to a good steak.

Other Fried Dishes

Who doesn’t love fried food? Dads can always appreciate something dripping in oil, such as fried chicken, mozzarella sticks, fried shrimp, and more. Today’s the day for restaurants to put their fryer on overtime.

Be Prepared for a Dinner Rush

Since dinner is the busiest time for Father’s Day celebrations, restaurants have to plan accordingly. Fortunately, technology can make it easier to adapt to customer trends without increasing labor costs or needs. Since most establishments are struggling to fill positions with the labor shortage, high-tech machinery can save the day.

One example is the Pitco ROV Fryer. ROV stands for reduced oil volume since the device refills the oil automatically. This way, old oil doesn’t oxidize, and workers don’t have to spend time supplying the machine during a rush. This high-tech fryer also filters and drains the oil itself, further saving time and energy after a Father’s Day boost.

Overall, when planning for the holiday, restaurants may need to get creative about their menus and execution. Being proactive ensures a profitable holiday and a more streamlined back-of-house team.


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