Fish Grids For Lent

During the 40 days before Easter, many people observe Lent by abstaining from meat on Fridays and eating fish. An outlying result from this is the Friday night fish fry. According to Chowhound, the fish fry in the US originated in Wisconsin and is still a popular Friday night event at churches, restaurants and lodge halls in the Midwest.

The type of fish that’s fried depends on the location – cod is a popular option. And the style of battering the fish depends on the person cooking. What doesn’t change is the desire for an evenly, crispy fried piece of fish. If your foodservice business uses a portion of your menu for fried fish, having a fish grid will help keep the batter on the fish as it fries and make maintaining your frying equipment much more manageable.

There’s nothing more disappointing than waiting for fried fish and getting a piece that’s not cooked correctly and has missing batter. Most fried fish is covered in a double coating of dry and wet ingredients to give it that crispy outer shell. When this batter-covered fish is dropped into a traditional frying basket, the batter can slide off, causing it to wrap around the basket mesh, or worse, getting stuck to the heating element or tubes. This not only ruins the fried layer of the fish, but also requires more cleaning and maintenance of the fryer. A fish grid has thicker bars that are angled, so the batter has nothing to wrap around, making clean up of the fryer easier. It also maintains the outer coating and allows the fish to float to the top, so you know when it’s thoroughly cooked.

Having a flat bottomed fryer is an excellent option for restaurants that cook a lot of wet batter products since the batter doesn’t have anything to stick to other than the fish. However, since they take up a lot of space, flat bottomed fryers aren’t an option for businesses that don’t fry many wet battered items or for places that fry fish only during the Lenten season. A better option for businesses that are only frying fish during events or seasonal occasions is temporarily replacing the traditional tube rack basket in your current fryer with a fish grid. The fish grid is easily stored and can be used in the fryer only as needed. Providing a solution to both groups that don’t have a lot of space and only are using their fryer occasionally.

Pitco fish grids are designed for your Pitco fryers and help you maintain your fried fish products’ Pitco Fish Grid no handles appearance and batter. Pitco fish grids are available with or without handles, depending on your kitchen’s needs and the style of your Pitco fryer. Easy to clean and maintain, Pitco fish grids provide the flexibility of serving fried fish during Lent or any time you temporarily add fish to your menu.

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