The Fried Chicken Sandwich Wars Are Still Hot

There was a time when fried chicken was eaten mostly as a picnic or special occasion food. Nowadays, it’s available in a variety of ways, including the recently ultra-popular fried chicken sandwich.  A trend that seemed destined to fizzle out has continued with no signs of slowing down. How did what began known as ‘the fried chicken wars’ start? And how can your foodservice business get them on the menu? Let’s take a look.

How The Fried Chicken Sandwich Wars Began

The notorious fried chicken wars began in August of 2019  when the QSR chain, Popeyes rolled out its now-famous chicken sandwich and announced it on social media. Chick-fil-a responded by announcing that its own fried chicken sandwich was actually the original. Thus, the war spun into social media fervor from that point forward.  Very soon thereafter, the Popeyes chain drew record numbers of customers who were eager to give the sandwich a try. The rest is history.

Other QSRs Joined The Chicken Sandwich Battlefield

After the considerable notoriety surrounding the fried chicken sandwich war, other chain restaurants decided to join forces as part of the sandwich revolution.  In addition to the mentioned QSRs, Panera Breads and McDonald’s, among others, have joined in.  The desire for comfort food rose considerably with the pandemic spiking demand. However, fierce competition and clever marketing also play important roles.

Why Has Fried Chicken Become So Popular?

At one time, fried chicken was only prepared for special occasions. It subsequently became popularized as a type of comfort food that came to be thought of as a less-than-healthful dietary choice.  However, today, nutritionists have reason to believe that when eaten in moderation, fried chicken can impart certain nutritional benefits that help reduce stress and that relieve some symptoms of depression.

Finding The Right Fryer For Your Chicken

The oil shortage plays a considerable role in the entire fried chicken sandwich debate.  Even as the price of oil has risen, the popularity of comfort food continued to grow, with a continued desire for fried chicken sandwiches on the horizon.

Pitco’s automated chicken fryers can help QSRs, chain restaurants, and small local establishments produce a successful fried chicken program. Which saves money and increases profit margins.  Restaurants are also continually searching for fryers that require less oil, while still turning out consistently delicious fried chicken.

When selecting a fryer, the first thing to determine is whether it should be electric or gas, depending on the particular hook-up provided. Including other decisions such as size, capacity, and filtration, can help with finding the right unit.

After frying the best chicken, use the Holding and Merchandising unit that gently circulates warm air over freshly fried chicken to maintain an optimum temperature and perfect texture. This easy-to-clean unit is an all-stainless unit that features a large holding area that has large removable grease filters and a product tray that can be easily cleaned. With safety in mind, the heating elements and other components are kept well away from the vapors and oils involved.

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