Fried Food Party Recipes to Ring in the New Year

As the end of the year approaches, now is the perfect time for operators to start crafting their perfect New Year’s Eve menu. New Year’s is when many people choose to indulge, so decadent treats (both sweet and savory) are ideal for foodservice establishments. It doesn’t get much more indulgent than fried foods, and with the right fryer, it’s easier than ever to consistently serve delicious fried party recipes that will please every guest.

Hosting a Great New Year’s Party

New Year’s Eve is one of the biggest holidays because almost everyone celebrates it. Bars, restaurants, and other foodservice businesses can take advantage of this massive celebration by hosting a party throughout the day and into the new year. This is the perfect time to get creative and go all-out with decor, menu items, and live entertainment.

For example, a restaurant can have a themed NYE party, such as the Roaring 20s or Fabulous 50s. Operators can encourage guests to get in on the fun with a photo booth or offer freebies for those who dress up for the occasion (i.e., party favors or small appetizers with a meal).

The most action will come close to midnight, so operators must plan accordingly. Whether it’s a champagne toast or just a TV showing the Times Square ball drop, guests will appreciate ringing in the new year with a fun and friendly crowd.

Irresistible Finger Foods for the Countdown

Appetizers and light hors d’oeuvres make it easy for all guests to get something to eat without needing to be seated the entire time. Some of the most popular apps can include jalapeño poppers, tempura vegetables, samosas, and even fried chicken wings. These small plates are delicious and easy to share, making them an ideal choice for guests with friends and family.

Finger foods offer a sensory and tactile experience, and they’re much easier to eat when guests are mingling around an event venue. Finger foods also work well for larger gatherings and for all holiday parties, including Hanukkah. Guests can grab bites of their favorite dishes, including loaded fries, chicken tenders, mozzarella sticks, fried pickles, and much more.

Because these dishes are always in high demand, managers need high-capacity commercial fryers. Pitco fryers ensure consistency and quality with each menu item, even as the night gets busier and more crowded. Better yet, the fryers can cook these dishes to perfection faster than other models, so the kitchen can pump out more orders in less time.

Sweet Endings to Welcome the New Year

While most people assume fried foods have to be savory, operators can add many sweet options to their NYE menu. Fried desserts add a layer of fun and decadence that isn’t possible with more traditional options. Some examples of fried dessert foods include fried Oreos, donuts, churros, and even fried ice cream. And with Pitco’s oil filtration systems, there are no concerns about using old oil that can affect the taste of foods cooked in it.

Choosing the Perfect Fryer: Introducing Pitco’s New Fryer Selector Tool

Choosing commercial fryers can be confusing. With so many different options, and styles based on what is being cooked, it can be a daunting task for operators to know they’re selecting the right fryer for their needs. Now, with the Pitco Fryer Selector Tool, it’s easy to compare models and pick the features that matter work best for specific needs. Empowering operators and managers to choose and install a new fryer just in time to celebrate the new year.

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