Why We’re in the Midst of a Fried Food Revolution

In the wake of the pandemic, there has been a drastic increase in the popularity of fried food. With the number of fried options on restaurant menus rising by 5% in the last year, and deep fryer repair calls skyrocketing by 93%, it is safe to say America is experiencing a fried food revolution. However, as restaurants rush to create the newest chicken sandwich, others have begun to question the healthiness of fried foods and how restaurants can keep up with growing demand while oil prices rise.

Let’s go behind the scenes of the current fried food revolution.

The Chicken Sandwich War

Fueling the fried food revolution is the chicken sandwich war raging on between fast-food chains and restaurants. Even Panera Bread has joined the fried chicken arms race, debuting its own sandwich and proving that the competition is far from over. In just 2020, 2.5 billion fried chicken sandwiches were ordered from restaurants such as Chick-fil-a, Popeyes, and McDonald’s. Fried chicken sandwiches have become a menu staple that every restaurant is expected to have. The overwhelming popularity of these sandwiches can primarily be attributed to their status as the ultimate comfort food and expert marketing strategies. During the pandemic, people were facing uncertain times and looking for comfort, and a delicious fried chicken sandwich provided the exact comfort they craved. Seeing the growing popularity of fried food, fast-food restaurants were quick to respond, kicking off a heated competition between chains. Some restaurants promised donations to organizations, others special sauces, and some ran hilarious social media campaigns. The result of this marketing is an ongoing chicken sandwich war that currently has no end in sight.

Are Fried/Comfort Foods Actually “Good” For You?

Despite their status as comfort foods, fried foods are known for causing many adverse health risks when eaten in excess. However, nutritionists claim that not all side effects of consuming these foods are harmful. Like any food eaten in moderation, fried foods can have both positive and detrimental impacts on the body. For example, consuming greasy food from time to time can help reduce stress and encourage the production of serotonin, reducing depression! With this in mind, it is also essential to know what the fried foods you consume are made of. While foods like fried cheese curds and hush puppies have little to no nutritional value, fried okra or vegetables still contain essential nutrients despite the cooking method. So don’t stop yourself from indulging in fried food! It’s not the unhealthy menu item many make it out to be, and if you want to dig deep, there is a science behind why fried food tastes so good.

How To Keep Up With The Demand While Oil Prices Increase

Due to the rising popularity of fried food, there have been issues maintaining and repairing deep fryers. Over the past year, there has been a 93% increase in repair calls for overworked deep fryers. In addition to repair costs, oil shortages have caused prices to soar as restaurants struggle to keep their fryers operational. To combat rising costs, restaurants are turning to oil filtration systems to remove impurities and stretch their supplies. These filtration systems remove contaminants, keeping your oil fresher and cleaner for much longer than traditional fryers. With the money saved by oil filtration, restaurants can invest in high-quality oil that achieves better tasting food instead of cheaper, low-quality oil that needs frequent replacement. With higher quality food and lower oil maintenance costs, restaurant owners adopting oil filtration can expect to see an increase in profits as customers are wowed by their delicious food. In the middle of a fried food revolution, a sound filtration system is key to keeping up with increasing demands.

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