(Unapologetic) Fried Foods You Need to Add to Your Menu

America loves fried foods, and fried food staples aren’t going anywhere. From classic chicken tenders to French fries, consumers can always expect their favorites on a menu, but what about going beyond expectations? Let’s take a quick look at a few off-the-wall fried food ideas (that you certainly shouldn’t be afraid to serve or consume).

Crispy, Crunchy, and Unapologetic: Fried Foods You Need to Add to Your Menu This Year

Restaurant operators, college dining, stadiums and arenas, and even corporate dining can all make slight menu adjustments to enhance customer appeal and increase profits. While we never want to lose the classics, sometimes dining can be an experience that goes beyond our expectations no matter where the meal is served. Here are a few ideas to consider when expanding your fried food menus:

Fried Avocado

Americans’ love for avocados is on the rise. And it’s steadily climbed over the past several years as more and more consumers enjoy guacamole and avocado toast. But did you know you can also serve fried avocado?

Fried Oreos & Cheesecake

When we think of fried foods, we most often think of savory. Don’t discount desserts, though. You don’t have to be at a state fair to eat fried, decadent desserts such as fried Oreos. Sweets lovers are falling for this divine delight.

Fried Tomatoes

This southern staple and perennial delight isn’t just the title of a movie. It’s a true delicacy that can help enhance menu desirability while also appealing to southern belles everywhere. Maybe Reese Witherspoon will even walk through the door.

Fried Candy

Speaking of Reese, you can fry just about anything. Have you ever considered taking a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup or even a Snickers bar and dropping it in a commercial fryer? You should. We’ll leave it at that.

Fried Veggies

Go beyond potatoes. Fried vegetables can also be a crowd-pleaser. In Japan and your local sushi restaurant, for example, tempura vegetables are quite common. More familiar, perhaps, fried okra and onion rings, fried pickles, and fried green beans are great additions to any menu.

Hot Chicken

Much content has been devoted to the great invention of Nashville hot chicken. This delicacy has an interesting story, but even more interesting is how profitable it can be due to its enormous popularity. Chicken is a nationwide classic for fried food favorites in the USA, but with hot chicken, it can be just a little bit better.

Navigating the Changing Landscape of The Commercial Kitchen

To execute these menu items and others. it’s important to understand how commercial and institutional kitchens are changing in today’s marketplace. With labor demands up and funding for labor down, many kitchens find themselves short-staffed. One way to compensate for this strain is to implement the right type of commercial fryer.

Pitco’s ROV commercial fryers are designed to maximize throughput while minimizing the stress on staff. With an infinity touch screen and automatic filtration, kitchen staff can save time with easy-to-operate settings. Automatic detection and coding enable food to cook to exactly the right temperature — with evenness.

Pitco commercial fryers are designed to make operations simple and accurate. Displays are multi-lingual, are designed to accommodate high-volume periods, and quickly convey accurate information to those utilizing the units. For example, Pitco commercial fryers tell you exactly when to change the oil in the fryer, resulting in optimal use of your labor and saving costs by only changing the oil when necessary. When staff changes the oil at the machine’s behest, kitchens avoid foul smells and poorly cooked food — all without hiring extra human labor to make it happen.

Successful operators understand the need for menu expansion, and fried foods are definitely a way to provide variety. In terms of executing those menu items, Pitco strives to create commercial fryers to make that job as easy and effective as possible.

See which fryer is right for your menu:

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