Cashing in on Crustaceans: How to Boost Revenue with Fried Soft Shell Crabs and Seafood

Deep-fried seafood can be a profitable consideration for many restaurant operators. Long a favorite in places like the Gulf Coast, seafood can delight the tastebuds of diners and the ledger books of operators. While items like popcorn shrimp, fried calamari, and fish and chips are synonymous with fried seafood, operators should consider another menu item. Fried soft shell crabs.

Growing in popularity, it can receive higher ticket prices. It’s tasty. But unlike many fried seafood staples, soft-shell crab also requires a bit more precision and diligence to deliver effectively. Let’s dig deeper into this trend and then discuss how the right fryer can help make soft shell crab easier to provide on your menu.

The Rise of the Claw: Exploring the Popularity of Crabs in Culinary Trends

Crab is one of those ingredients that can immediately elevate a restaurant menu, particularly when it’s a soft-shell crab. Since these crabs are only available for a set part of the year (May to September), operators must work quickly to get the freshest crustaceans to serve hungry customers.

Two big reasons why soft-shell crab has become so popular are the flavors and consistencies. Since customers can eat the whole thing, they can feel like they’re getting great value, and the mouthfeel is second to none. Plus, while the taste is incredible, it’s also not overwhelming, so deep-fried crab can be added to sandwiches or served on a basket of fries — it’s a versatile option.

That said, crab can also be tricky to master, so customers are wary of restaurants that don’t do it right. Overall, only about 20 percent of all restaurants offer crab, so operators must be discerning about how they prepare and serve the dish.

Seafood Sensations: How to Succeed with Fried Soft Shell Crabs and Beyond

Seafood is always popular, especially in beachside communities, during spring and summer when most people are on vacation. Seafood-heavy restaurants often sell their dishes at a higher price point, meaning that operators have more flexibility to set prices that ensure profitability. As such, the demand for seafood has increased in recent years, and that trend shows no signs of slowing down.

Offering a wider selection of dishes, from deep-fried shrimp to calamari to soft-shell crab, can allow a restaurant to capture more of the market. Not only do customers want delicious food, but they want something unique and memorable that can look good in an Instagram photo. Operators can find tremendous success by incorporating deep-fried seafood into their menus, even if they offer fresh options. Customers like having choices in cooking styles, whether deep-fried or sautéed.

Choosing the Ideal Fryer Made Easy: Introducing Pitco’s Innovative Fryer Selector Tool

Unlike chicken or fries, seafood can be more delicate when fried in hot oil. Selecting a fryer that can help preserve oil quality and deliver great-tasting food every time is a big asset for operators. At the same time, seafood often has its own unique smells and flavor profiles, so isolating these flavors from other foods is just as important.

The reality is there are many types of fryers suited for cooking seafood, and the best one depends on a range of factors. As such, Pitco developed a new fryer selection tool to make this process as easy and streamlined as possible. Operators have to supply some details about their restaurant, and they can compare models and features within the tool. It’s easy to use and can help grow your foodservice’s seafood business.

Seafood profits are just one click away with Pitco.


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