Fry One Thing, Fry it Well — Unleashing Profitability with Pitco Fryers

When it comes to finding success in the foodservice world, there are often two schools of thought — offer a wide variety of dishes to appeal to a broader audience, or focus the menu on a few items. While both options have pros and cons, operators who focus their menus can often find success more easily if they do those selections well.

Fried foods are often part of hyper-focused menus due to their popularity. On the operations side, they can be easier and faster to produce than menu items cooked with other methods. On the customer side, what’s better than digging into some decadent fried food? Fortunately, Pitco fryers can offer substantial returns for restaurants thanks to their streamlined operation and versatile cooking capabilities. With next-generation commercial fryers from Pitco, chefs have a lot more room to flex their culinary muscles.

Let’s dig into focused menus and how Pitco can help deliver them.

Exploring the Irresistible World of Main Meal Fried Food

Although creativity has long been a part of the cooking process, there’s no reason to try and reinvent the wheel. Customers know what they like fried, so it’s up to restaurateurs and chefs to deliver on those expectations. However, as trends ebb and flow, consumers are more willing to take risks if the dish is a twist on an old classic. In many cases, starting with what people know and then adding or changing some elements is an easy path to success.

So, while fried chicken, beer-battered fish, and fries are still the top three offerings, they can get remixed and refreshed to feel new and energetic. Some variations can include fried chicken and waffles, chicken or fish tacos, and loaded fries with tons of gourmet toppings (i.e., crispy pork belly or barbecue brisket). Narrowing a menu doesn’t mean it has to be void of creativity. In fact, the opposite argument could be made.

The Power of Specialization

At first, specializing in a single menu item may seem like it could limit one’s success. However, there are some pretty incredible benefits of this practice.

First, restaurants don’t have to stock so many different ingredients and items to make a wide range of dishes. Also, with less food on hand, items are less likely to be out of stock. Plus, operators can build a restaurant and curate the kitchen for maximum efficiency based on the individual menu item.

Second, making only one dish means chefs can turn it into something bold and exciting. By mastering the fundamentals, an operator can discover new ways to make the same thing taste unique. For example, regular breaded chicken tenders can become gourmet with the right seasonings and sauce combinations.

Overall, specialization ensures consistent results and higher profit margins. When operators can execute something well day after day, customers will take notice and come back whenever a craving hits.

Unlocking Success with the Power of Pitco Fryers’ Singular Focus

In a regular kitchen that makes a lot of different dishes, there may be one commercial deep fryer. However, operators focusing on one fried dish need multiple fryers to pump out products quickly to meet demand. Fortunately, Pitco’s next-generation fryers are designed for speed and accuracy to help support specialization in today’s foodservice operations. These machines are equipped with smart sensors that change, top off, and filter the oil automatically, making tasks easier for staff.

Operators can also use the modular design to add or remove equipment as needed without an expensive kitchen redesign. Finally, restaurants can do more with fewer workers, meaning that labor shortages are no longer causing a tight squeeze behind the line.

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