Weighing Out Fryer Basket Options

Once you have decided on the fryer model or custom fryer bank you need, it’s time to pick out all of the accessories that will compliment your new fryer suite. The first place to start is baskets.

The baskets you will need will depend on two major factors; menu items and production capacity. Using the logic you put together to choose your fryer will also help you decide which baskets are right for you.


The most common of fry basket configurations, twin baskets are a great go to for most frying applications. With two baskets you can fry two separate menu items at once, or larger amounts of the same product. For instance, if you have one fryer that is solely dedicated to french fries, your best option would be to use twin baskets for this operation.

As a quick tip, be sure to be mindful of how much product you are placing in the fry basket at once. If you overload the basket then your product will not cook evenly. Also, if you load these baskets with too much heavy product, the basket will be unnecessarily heavy to lift and you run the risk of injury.

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Seeing the bulk basket may make you question “If I’m frying menu items in bulk, why wouldn’t I just use a bulk basket?” and it is for the same reasons outlined above. When you overload a basket with too much of a product you run the risk of not cooking evenly and dare we say, serving a soggy fry. Also, your product is most likely going to clump together and your fry chef should not have to continuously shake a basket during a cook time.

So when would you opt for a bulk fry basket? Well, whenever you are cooking products that require more space to fry! Take for example fresh breaded products like fish or chicken, or for specialty items like funnel cakes or other delicate foods, a bulk basket is a perfect choice!

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Triple baskets are a perfect solution for any operation that has a larger variation in their fried food offerings. These baskets allow for on-demand small batch frying as you can have three separate items frying at once. Whether it is the ever popular jalapeño poppers, egg rolls, or new favorites like fried cauliflower appetizers, these baskets should be your go-to.

Another great benefit the triple baskets vs. the twin baskets is seen when you fry heavier products. Heavier products may not crowd a twin basket but consistently lifting heftier loads can cause some additional wear and tear on your staff. Give them triple baskets and they can keep up with demand with ease.

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Now that you have identified the right sizes for the right operations, be sure to mind the length of the basket when you are making your choices. If you have an 18″ fryer you will need the longer length baskets to use all of your fry space. Likewise, if you order an 18″ basket for your 14″ fryer, you won’t be able to fit them in your tank.

The other size factor that you want to account for is the size of the mesh of the basket. If you are often frying product that produces smaller residue then a fine mesh basket would be a better option than the standard mesh you see in most fryers.

Want an expert to review what baskets might suit you best? Talk to your local dealer and they will walk you through basket options and more!


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