The Basics of Fryers in Prisons & Institutional Foodservice Operations

When operators consider foodservice in prisons and other institutional facilities, the first thing that comes to mind is safety. It’s critical to ensure the safety of prison staff as well as the inmates themselves, and this means selecting foodservice equipment and supplies that can be modified to fit these particular needs and challenges.

Fryers are part of this equation. First, fried foods are often desirable and affordable to produce, and fryers can add many layers of versatility to any institutional menu. Here at Pitco, our fryers can also be modified to ensure all safety concerns are met and all precautions are taken.

Consider a Fryer with an Institutional Package

Pitco is well-known for our ability to produce industry-leading fryers that deliver quality, performance, durability, and versatility regardless of the menu and volume of foods being served. Not every type of operation will benefit from every type of fryer, so we like to make sure the right unit is matched up to the desired goal or challenge of the operation. Your menu is often the driving factor of the right fryer model you will need. Prisons and correctional facilities are no different.

Our fryers can be modified with an institutional package to help ensure the safety of both prison staff and inmates alike. Units can be made with outward-facing screws that require a special tool to remove. In addition, legs are designed to bolt to the ground preventing the removal of our friers. Lastly, our fryer covers and our fryer controls can both be padlocked when not in use, preventing undesired operation. These features come as a complete package and features can not be customized.

Explore all of the fryer models available for your institution with your local dealer.


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