Generate More Production in a Smaller Footprint with The SSH60W

Overcoming the challenges of smaller available space in a kitchen while meeting demand of a foodservice operation that is on the rise is easy with Pitco. Sure everyone says that, but we have a solution that allows you to accomplish the same frying capacity with one less fry pot.

The Stretch Fryer from Pitco, SSH60W, is an ideal frying solution for commercial kitchens faced with space or cost limitations. Its unique wide cabinet is designed to fit three standard fry baskets rather than the more traditional two baskets. This allows this unique model the frying capacity of 50% more than traditional models.

pitco stretch fryer graphic

Save On Upfront Costs And More

Not only are you saving on upfront costs of purchasing two fryers instead of three, the benefits continue to roll from there. The SSH60W is a 18″ wide which allows the extra space for the third fry basket without the unit protruding out like other 18″ fryer models. This allows you to utilize the extra kitchen space for new equipment, new kitchen configurations, or operational efficiencies.

The savings don’t stop there.

Pitco’s Solstice Supreme technology keeps more money in your operations as well. When replacing with off brand fryer options, you can experience the operational benefits of a self cleaning burner reducing operational maintenance calls to local service companies. Even when utilizing or newly considering Pitco, the energy savings can be seen when operating with two fryers instead of three without sacrificing throughput.

Don’t forget to pair your fryers with built-in Solstice filter drawers to help manage your fryer oil expenses. With regular filtration cycles you utilize the oil you have to its fullest potential while maintaining product integrity.

The most suitable fryer for your commercial kitchen operation is waiting for you at Pitco, let our experts match you with the best frying solutions.

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