What is the Gold Standard French Fry? with Ron Rippley

Universally enjoyed, the French fry is also a menu item that puts people on opposite sides. Crinkle cut or shoestring? Waffle fries or wedge cut? Sweet potato fries or traditional Russet potato? The list goes on and on because French fries are diverse and easy to make. But what is the Gold Standard French Fry? We decided to take it to some experts. Our first guest is Ron Rippley from The Jay Mark Group in Illinois. Let’s see what Ron’s gold standard is and let us know if you think it hits the mark.

Where did you discover your best French fry? Any memorable places or experiences?

I love McDonald’s French Fries!

What makes a perfect Gold Standard fry?

Crispy, not greasy, perfect amount of fine salt to enhance the flavor

Can you share your preferred frying technique for achieving the perfect French fry texture?

Do not overload your fryer. Use the correct amount of food for the capacity of your fryer to ensure proper cooking and browning. Set your temperature correctly. Not all fried foods are meant to fry at the same temperature. Make sure you use the best setting for your products. Deep-fried foods will become crispy and not overly greasy when the correct temperature is used. Most products are best at 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

Are there specific types of oil or oil blends that you find work best for different fry varieties?

Use premium quality commercial deep-frying oil. Frying oil is specially formulated to withstand high temperatures. For this reason, you must ensure you are using the right product. Poor quality fryer oils may affect taste and shorten the oil’s life.

Fresh cut or frozen fries? Which one creates a better French fry, and why?

Frozen, as they have figured out the correct blanch, type of potato, and sugar content that will make the best and most consistent French fry.

Can you share any specific features of Pitco fryers that you find particularly beneficial for frying French fries?

Two mason jars next to each other. The one on the left has a label that says "new oil" and inside is an amber colored liquid. The jar on the right has a label that says "5000 miles" and has a dark colored liquid inside.

Filter your oil often. Filtering oil often will maintain oil life and increase oil quality. Here’s where a self-filtering fryer is worth every penny. Pitco is by far the best and most efficient filtering system.

What common challenges do you encounter in maintaining fry quality, and how do you address them?

  • Care for your frozen foods. Keep frozen products frozen and stored them properly. Having a freezer next to your fry station assures you drop them at the correct temperature, and you will have the best quality.
  • Change your oil as you need to, and filter often to maintain oil quality. Oil color will affect your food’s taste and appearance, so follow a schedule that is in line with your volume.

Are there innovative toppings or additions that you’ve seen drive profitability in fry offerings?

The best is truffle fries with Parmesan cheese.

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