The Showdown: Handcut vs. Frozen Fries in Commercial Kitchens

From the meticulous crafting of handcut fries to the efficiency of using frozen alternatives, the debate over which is better continues. While each has its benefits, there are also many factors to consider. So we decided to explore the pros and cons of handcut vs. frozen fries and show how Pitco fryers are the perfect choice, no matter how your fries start. 

Handcut vs. Frozen Fries in Your Restaurant

In the culinary landscape, French fries as a menu option is a no-brainer. They truly go with every dish and ingredient imaginable. But when it comes to choosing between serving frozen fries or handcut ones, it’s not merely a matter of preference but also practicality and efficiency. Handcut fries evoke a sense of craftsmanship, offering a unique texture and mouthfeel. However, their artisanal nature comes with challenges, requiring more time and labor for preparation.

On the other hand, frozen fries present a convenient solution for busy kitchens, providing consistency and ease of use. With frozen fries, chefs can bypass the labor-intensive process of cutting potatoes while still delivering a tasty fry. This convenience factor often makes frozen fries popular among establishments seeking to streamline operations without compromising quality.

The Art of Handcut Fries Unveiled

Handcut fries are synonymous with craftsmanship. These crispy delights offer a unique texture and flavor profile that elevate any dish they accompany. Whether served as a side dish or a standalone snack, handcut fries have their charm. Their irregular shapes and rustic appeal add character to the plate, enticing customers with the promise of homemade goodness.

While handcut fries are a hallmark of many independent eateries and gourmet establishments, they’ve also found their place in the quick service restaurant (QSR) scene. The restaurant Five Guys, renowned for its made-to-order burgers and fries, is a prime example. Their handcut fries, cooked in peanut oil, which gives them a distinct flavor, have garnered a loyal following. But Five Guys isn’t the only QSR that serves handcut fries. Other brands, such as Wingstop and In-and-Out, also serve fresh cut fries on their menus.

Frozen Fries: A Shortcut to Efficiency

In the hustle and bustle of a busy kitchen, time is of the essence. This is where frozen fries emerge as the unsung heroes by streamlining operations without sacrificing taste or quality. With their uniform shape and texture, these fries ensure a predictable outcome with every batch, making them a good option for many establishments.

Using the proper techniques when frying frozen French fries is also essential. Keeping the fries frozen until they’re dropped into the basket, putting the fries into the basket over a location other than the oil (to keep crumbs out), frying at the right temperature, and even blanching the frozen fries to make them extra crispy are all things to do to keep them from getting soggy. 

Streamlining Operations With Pitco Fryers, without Compromising Taste

In the quest for culinary excellence, efficiency is critical. Pitco fryers serve as the linchpin of kitchen operations, ensuring that every fry meets the highest quality standards. With features designed to enhance performance and productivity, Pitco fryers empower chefs to achieve that perfect golden crispiness easily.

To simplify the selection process, Pitco offers a Fryer Selector Tool. This online tool helps operators choose the ideal fryer based on their needs and preferences. Whether handcut fries or frozen favorites, Pitco fryers can handle the task with precision and reliability.

As the culinary landscape evolves, the debate over handcut versus frozen fries remains hot. While each option has its merits, one thing is clear – Pitco fryers are the ultimate solution for achieving exceptional results, regardless of the fry of choice.

No matter the type of fry you’re serving – Pitco has tips to help:

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