Why the Chimichanga Is One of the Greatest Culinary Accidents

Any fan of Mexican food is likely familiar with the chimichanga, but the reality is not many people know how they were invented. Many don’t know that they’re not really Mexican. Most culinary historians suggest this delectable dish was accidentally created in the United States. We’ll get to the history of the chimichanga in bit, but there’s no mistaking that deep-fried chimichangas have become a staple menu item for Mexican restaurants across America.

The History of the Chimichanga – Fried Goodness

With National Chimichanga Day coming up on September 26, there has never been a better time to dive into the history of this deep-fried Tex-Mex invention. Unfortunately, the creation of the chimichanga is a debated topic amongst most food historians. While historians agree that the chimichanga is not an authentic Mexican food, the exact location of its origin is disputed.

Both El Charro in Tucson, Arizona, and Macayo’s Mexican Kitchen in Phoenix, Arizona, claim to be home to the first chimichanga. El Charro claims the chimichanga was created when a burrito was accidentally dropped in a deep fryer. The name ‘chimichanga’ is said to be the result of the restaurant’s owner stopping herself from cursing at her mistake, as the word ‘chimichanga’ literally translates to ‘thingamajig’ in Spanish. At the same time, Macayo’s Mexican Kitchen says the chimichanga resulted from a successful fried burrito experiment. Either way, we can all agree that the chimichanga came from dropping a burrito in a fryer, by accident or not.

Mexican Restaurant Fried Menu Staples

Since the start of the Covid pandemic, Mexican foods like tacos have seen a 12.8% rise in consumption across the United States. As Mexican and Mexican fusion restaurants are more popular than ever, there has never been a better time to begin incorporating fried Mexican food on your menu.

Chimichangas are an excellent fried addition to any menu as they include ingredients found in most restaurant kitchens. Likewise, tortilla chips, fried avocado, and churros are other simple additions that align with 2022’s food trends. These fried foods also offer excellent ways to use up extra ingredients to increase profits. For example, to create delicious nachos, tortilla chips can be used with the same ingredients as a chimichanga – cheese, beans, and meat. Likewise, avocado slices can be deep fried and served as an appetizer or as a unique addition to nachos, tacos, and burritos. The possibilities for incredible deep-fried foods are endless regarding Mexican cuisine.

Mexican Cuisine Frying Tips From Pitco

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