The Hot Food Trends Taking the World by Storm: Insights from Pitco Fryer Experts

Today, several hot food trends are changing the food and beverage industry. Staying on top of these trends is important for commercial kitchens that want to compete in the current environment. These hot food trends are driving changes throughout the rest of the food industry, and businesses need to stay on top of these trends to ensure their fried foods meet the expectations of their customers. What are a few examples of hot food trends that businesses need to know about? 

The Hot Food Trends Taking the World by Storm

Several examples of hot food trends look to play a significant role in the food industry in 2023 and beyond. For example, foods that blend sweet and spicy flavors, such as spicy sriracha honey, remain popular. In addition, fruit flavors mixed with spicy heat, such as habanero chicken combined with citrus sauce, is likely to be a popular hit with customers.

Recipes originating locally and then getting popular in other regions continue to entice foodies. Nashville hot chicken has plenty of flavor and heat and will likely still dominate this year’s hot food industry. Customers are just as interested in texture as in taste, so fried food with a nice crust should be a significant seller this year. Restaurant patrons, particularly those unable to travel recently, will likely be interested in flavors from other parts of the world. Restaurants may want to think outside the box and get more creative, particularly regarding seasonal specials. 

Tips for Incorporating the Trends into Your Menu

It can be challenging for restaurants to incorporate many trends into their menus, but there are a few important tips to remember. First, restaurants should not hesitate to experiment with different ingredients and flavors. Often, asking staff members to try new menu additions before they are incorporated can provide insight into which ideas will go over the best. Then, restaurants need to stay on top of the latest techniques to ensure they provide consistent restaurant quality.

That means investing in the best equipment, such as a Pitco Fryer. By making it easier to control the temperature of specific fried foods, Pitco fryers play a significant role in the overall flavor and quality of the meal. With customizable features and adjustable sizes, Pitco allows commercial kitchens to save space and expand menus. 

Mastering Hot Food Trends With Pitco Fryers

With Pitco, creating a modular fryer lineup is possible, which is essential for commercial kitchens in the modern environment. By selecting a fryer lineup to align with menu needs, operators can meet customer demands while reducing overhead and helping eliminate waste. This can go a long way toward ensuring restaurants provide consistent, quality meals for their customers. 

Make sure you’re serving the best fried hot food trends – schedule a consultation with a local Pitco expert today.

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