Fry Guy Focus: Introducing Matt McMeekin

Fried foods are some of the most beloved in America. There’s a process behind those foods, and in this new series from Pitco, we’re going to sit down with the Fry Guys and Fry Gals who know how to get the most out of their fryers. In this edition, we sat down with Matt McMeekin, frying expert and south Florida corporate chef for Eaton Marketing.

For fun, Chef Matt loves family BBQs, watching his kids play lacrosse, and hanging out at the awesome beaches in South Florida, but we’re going to find out what he thinks about fried foods in this edition of Fry Guy Focus.

Pitco: What is the most common question you get about fryers?

Chef Matt: Will filtering save me money?

Pitco: What question do you first ask someone when they want help with a fried food menu item?

Chef Matt: What type of theme are you working with, and is your concept seasonal?

Pitco: What are the most important accessories to have for fryers?

Chef Matt: Start with an ROV fryer and add in filtration. Then consider a jib for ease of use.

Pitco: What is the best piece of advice you would give someone who wants to add fried food to a menu?

Chef Matt: Start with a Pitco fryer. Everything else is easy!

Pitco: What are common frying mistakes that you see?

Chef Matt: Not filtering enough is a common mistake. Others include not having a crisp and hold, trying to fry too much at once, and not changing the oil in your fryer when needed.

Pitco: How would you recommend fixing those mistakes?

Chef Matt: Consider going with automatic filtration to start. Get a crisp and hold to maintain the quality of your fried foods, and definitely change your oil as necessary. It’s as simple as that.

Pitco: What is the best fried food you ever had?

Chef Matt: That’s a tough one. Chicken fingers. Just kidding. Not that they’re not good, but I’ve had so many delicious fried food items. I have to go with truffle mushroom arancini with foie gras and brie in the middle!

Pitco: What are your three best pieces of advice for a restaurant trying to make more money with fried food?

Chef Matt: Frying oil is very expensive, so reduce your oil volume with a Pitco ROV fryer. Next, make sure to filter your oil. And, finally, if you have a programmable fryer, set it up to help you make the right calls.

We know what to fry. Schedule a culinary consultation with us to get some ideas for your operation!

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