Introducing the ROV Rack Fryer from Pitco

Introducing the Pitco ROV Rack Fryer. A riff on the original Legacy Rack Fryer, this new unit has some amazing benefits that can be summarized in just a few simple statistics.

When compared to the Legacy units, the new ROV Rack Fryers have reduced the amount of oil used from 100 to 73 pounds of oil , while at the same time increasing throughput capacity from 48 pieces of chicken to 64. Essentially, ROV Rack Fryers can do more with less, but those aren’t the only benefits.

Check out this brief but comprehensive summary of the Pitco ROV Rack Fryer. Join Scott Turbeville, as he goes over the benefits.

Not only do these units excel at doing more with less, they also make the “doing” a lot easier. With innovative controls, automatic filtration is simply part of the process. You can press a button and walk away.

What does all this mean? In an hour and 45 minutes, you can cook 320 pieces of bone-in chicken, while competing fryers are only 196 pieces. That’s a 63 percent greater throughput while using less resources in the process.

If you’re looking for a fryer that provides optimal production capabilities when it comes to bone-in and breaded chicken, learn more about the ROV Rack Fryer from Pitco.

Is the ROV Rack Fryer the right solution for your operation? We can help you find out. Schedule a free Fryer Consultation today.

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