Keep Your Kitchens Eco-Friendly with Pitco Electric Fryers

Pitco is a leader in electric foodservice equipment, dedicated to the fine art of frying since 1918. In fact, Pitco was the first commercial fryer company in the world. Modern Pitco fryers are dedicated to keeping kitchens eco-friendly through innovation and advanced technology.

There are many ways Pitco can help your kitchen be more environmentally-friendly, including going ventless and investing in the right equipment. Foodservice businesses can also receive rebates for using Energy Star rated kitchen fryers.

Pitco Fryers

Did you know electric fryers are up to 30% more energy-efficient than gas fryers? And, maintenance costs are less, making them more economical. Pitco fryers have a sophisticated integrated oil management system for reduced oil volume fryers. Less oil usage equals less expense for your business. Other features include filter drawers, fat vat, portable filtration, and a matching BNB dump station for cooked products. With 19 models to choose from, including economy models, there is a Pitco Electric Fryer for every food-service business.

Solistice Electric Fryers (SE)

The SE models are solstice electric fryers, which are highly efficient mix-and-match fryers. Solstice Electric Fryers help your business run more smoothly, with features such as mercury-free relays, multiple controller options, safe fixed-element design, and mix-and-match cabinets.

Reduced Oil Volume Electric Fryers (ROV)

Lower your carbon footprint with Pitco ROV electric fryers. ROV stands for reduced oil volume, and they also create a safer kitchen environment. That’s because they decrease the amount of time and exposure your employees have with the oil. ROV fryers offer your business reduced operating costs, with features such as:

  • Modular Solstice System
  • Automatic Filtration
  • JIB Management
  • Automatic Oil Top-Off

Since they are all modular, you can custom create your fryer based on your production needs.

Pitco Water Cookers

Electric water cookers by Pitco offer the same level of technological advancement as their electric fryers, and there are three types of water cookers to choose from.

Pasta Cookers

For perfect pasta, every time, trust Pitco’s pasta cooker models. They feature a digital controller for pre-set cook times and an integrated boil/simmer switch. Choose from a range of basket options including automated basket lifts, and there is an available rinse station.


Pitco has a countertop rethermalizer that uses six gallons of water and a floor model that uses 16.5 gallons of water. These units reduce kitchen labor and training by allowing your staff to reheat high-quality foods that have been prepared previously and frozen in bulk. Benefits of rethermalizers include increased menu offerings, menu versatility without losing functionality, and custom options for your kitchen.

Crisp N’ Hold Warmers

PCC models of Pitco’s handy Crisp N’ Hold countertop food warmers. These units keep fried food deliciously crispy after they’ve been fried. Food comes out of the fryer at approximately 205 degrees Fahrenheit. Crisp N’ Hold models have active air circulation that brings foods to the proper holding temperature quickly, to stop the cooking process and reduce moisture loss. This allows the product to remain crispy for an extended period of time.

Pitco Crisp N’ Hold technology will keep product up to twice as long. For example, chicken wings are good under a heat lamp for 15 to 20 minutes. In a Crisp N’ Hold model, they will keep 30 to 45 minutes. French Fries jump from a 10 to 15-minute life to 20 to 40 minutes.

Upgrade to an Eco-Friendly Kitchen

Pitco offers a full range of fryers that will improve your bottom line, and keep your commercial kitchen eco-friendly for the sake of our environment. Change is coming, and it’s up to us to make sure it’s for the better.

Download the Electric Food Service Equipment Guide to learn more about the electric equipment solutions from Pitco, along with tips to make your commercial kitchen more energy-efficient.


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