Korean Corn Dogs: The Trend of the Future

A hot dog on a stick, fried in golden cornmeal. What could be more delicious or simple to whip up than the beloved corn dog? How about a Korean corn dog? Let’s learn a little more about the history of both and how foodservice businesses can hop on this latest food trend.

The Origin of the Corn Dog

So, whose million-dollar idea was the corn dog? The answer is a little sticky.

The act of frying originated in Ancient Egypt. Cornmeal also has longstanding roots, being a classic component of Native American fare. And hotdogs originated centuries ago in Germany. The amalgamation of these tasty components is a relatively new invention by comparison. But who can take credit for corn dogs is hotly debated.

Stanley S. Jenkins patented sausages fried in cornbread in 1927. However, there’s no record of corn dogs being made or served until the 1940s. That’s when a diner in Oregon and a restaurant in Illinois started serving them and claiming they were the first. There’s no way to determine which, if either, were the originals, but corn dogs became a national hit with their debut at the Texas State Fair in 1942. Speaking of fairs, the California State Fair awards $2500 annually to the winner of their corndog eating contest. The 2022 winner took first place by chowing down 32 corn dogs in eight minutes.

Corn dog love doesn’t stop there, either. There’s even a National Corn Dog Day on the third Saturday of March. And while corn dogs may feel like it’s uniquely a hit in the United States, they’re loved in different ways around the world. Argentina serves up “panchukers” with cheese. Australians love a good “Dagwood dog” down under. And New Zealand and Japan enjoy corn dogs, as well. This leads us to South Korea’s love affair with its own version of the delicious corn dog.

What’s a Korean Corn Dog?!

Korean corn dogs are still hot dogs on a stick, but they also add mozzarella to the inside. Instead of using cornmeal for the batter, Korean corn dogs use yeasted bread dough and panko. From there, the possibilities are endless – the more creative, the better! There are examples of them being coated in potatoes, Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, rice cakes, ramen, and even squid ink. Many businesses also offer them coated with cereal, powdered sugar, or chocolate.

Creative flavor profiles and visual appeal are the name of the game when it comes to Korean corn dogs. This has naturally led to them blowing up on social media, making them wildly profitable. And it doesn’t hurt sales that Korean corn dogs are easy to make and can be sold anywhere from restaurants to stadiums to food trucks. They make a great outside-the-box addition to kids’ menus, as well.

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