Maximize the Potential of Your ROV Fryer with These Accessories

As we’ve seen over the last 18 months, Americans are turning to comfort foods as a source of enjoyment and normalcy. And what says comfort more than fried chicken?

Even before the current pandemic, the popularity of chicken was in full force with trends such as Nashville hot and the ever-so-heated fried chicken sandwich wars, as more and more restaurants and foodservice operators turned to high volume fried chicken production in order to meet demands.

The team at Pitco has seen this surge coming for several years now, and as a result, we developed the ROV rack fryer as a tool for foodservice operators to create large quantities of chicken as efficiently and as profitable as possible. This means using less oil and ensuring quality with a fryer that is fuel-adaptable depending on the constructs of the kitchen.

Make the Most of Your ROV Rack Fryers

To make our ROV rack fryers even more efficient and user-friendly, there’s a suite of accessories that can help make rack fryers great as dedicated chicken fryers, as well as for other high-volume menu items.

Rack holders come standard with the ROV rack fryer, allowing operators to pull the carriageassembly off the fryer, but there are two different types of rack options that might make sense depending on what’s being served.
FLAT RACK – Pitco’s flat rack is great for classic fried chicken applications, where up to 64 pieces of bone-in chicken pieces can be cooked at once, making the ROV rack fryer 72 percent more efficient than other options.

1″ DEEP RACK – If an operator is cooking smaller menu items such astenders, popcorn shrimp, or potatoes wedges — but is cooking them in high volumes — the one-inch deep rack can be a great option.OR USE THEM BOTH – At the end of the day, a fryer shouldn’t limit what’s on the menu. That’s why these racks can be interchanged depending on what’s being served.

Are you a fried chicken expert or want to become one? Check out our Fried Chicken page to learn more!


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