Why We Sponsor The National Chicken Wing Festival

Buffalo wings are a religion, not just in Upstate New York but all across the country. You’re either on team flat or team drum. They’re the official food of football. They’re enormously popular in terms of consumption rates. And there’s even a festival dedicated specifically to the Buffalo wing.

The National Chicken Wing Festival was founded in 2002, allowing wing lovers from all over the world to descend on Buffalo, New York for a wing-eating contest, a baby costume parade, and sauce competitions. The biggest event, though, is simply the ability to eat wings. Attendees have consumed more than five million wings over the last two decades, with more expected in the years to come.

Pitco: The Official Fryer of The National Chicken Wing Festival

Because we love chicken wings so much and because we know high-quality wings are delivered, in part, by the time they spend in the fryer, Pitco is proud to be the official fryer of The National Chicken Wing Festival. To celebrate this upcoming event, we sat down with the founder of the festival and the certified Wing King, Drew Cerza.

Pitco: Drew, thanks for taking the time to talk with us. Let’s start with wings. How do you know when you’ve had the perfect wing?

Wing King Drew Cerza: The perfect wing is when texture, flavor, and heat collide into a work of art. You can tell by the joyous look on my face when that perfect trifecta has been accomplished.

Pitco: When you compare one wing over another, how do you define that perfect trifecta? What makes one buffalo wing better than another?

Drew: So much is personal preference — crispy vs. saucy, the amount of heat, the intensity of the flavor. For me, it’s that perfect balance of heat and flavor on a crispier-style wing.

Pitco: So crispiness is one important factor. Knowing that, how much does the frying process contribute to quality?

Drew: 100%! It starts with a consistent quality fryer, a quality blend of FRESH oil changed frequently, and soooo importantly, a chef/cook that takes pride in the finished product and makes the wings with real BuffaloLove!

Pitco: We’re huge chicken wing fans, and that’s why we sponsor the National Chicken Wing Festival. Why are Pitco fryers a desirable option for a wing program?

Drew: Pitco fryers have helped take the National Buffalo Wing Festival to the next level since we partnered eight years ago. When you have to cook up to half a million chicken wings in two days for the best wing restaurants across the county to sauce their product, there is a lot of pressure. When the expectations of a food product are so high, consistency and quality are always a must. Pitco fryers have given me peace of mind and confidence going into each festival. You might call them my secret weapon.

Pitco: Thanks, Drew, for that “winging” endorsement. Is there anything else you’d like to say to the Pitco audience?

Drew: Keep wingin’ it!

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