Navigating Lent and Fried Fish with Pitco Fryers

Every year, in the 40 days between Palm Sunday and Easter, Christians observe Lent. This time of observance holds different traditions for different people. One practice that some follow is abstaining from red meat on certain days. This means a lot of fish, especially fried fish, is consumed during the Lenten season. 

Fortunately, the Pitco Fryer Selector Tool can guide foodservice professionals towards equipment that will create crispy, flavorful fish options perfect for those preparing crispy, tasty fish.

Exploring the Rich History of Lent and the Friday Night Fish Fry

Lent is a holiday with rich Biblical lore and modern traditions. Because of the restrictions concerning meat, many Christians participate in “Fish Fridays,” making a meatless holiday fun by focusing on meals around fried fish. Foodservice establishments can accommodate participants by planning a fish-focused Friday menu, which other diners can enjoy and appreciate.

Fish has long been associated with religious traditions and holidays. Since Jesus died on a Friday, some Christians even prefer to keep a fish-focused meal year-round on that specific day to demonstrate sacrifice and reverence.

Widely observed in the Midwestern United States, eating fish during Lent has especially strong roots in Wisconsin. The traditional Friday night fish fry happens in churches, lodge halls, and restaurants regularly and is something many look forward to each year. To help with the increased demand for fish on Fridays, foodservice establishments should consider commercial fryer accessories like the fish grid, which makes prepping large amounts of fish easier.

Decoding the Fish Fry Tradition

When choosing what fish to use for a fish fry, it’s important to note that fried fish is generally easy to make with commercial fryers, and most people (including kids who participate) enjoy it. It’s also critical to note that, culturally, fish fry is about fostering community connections with other participants. This fellowship happens during the fish fry.

Lent is so popular that even fast food establishments sell more fish during Lent. McDonald’s reports that 25 percent of its fish sales happen during the Lenten season. This statistic shows that accommodating those who celebrate the holiday is good for business, especially if the foodservice establishment honors the fish fry tradition.

Introducing the Pitco Fryer Selector Tool – Your Path to Effortless Fried Fish Perfection

As fish is so important to serve during the Lenten season, foodservice establishments need the right tools to meet the demand. Something easy to learn and user-friendly works best to ramp up fried fish production with commercial fryers.

Some Pitco fryers can also handle sides typically enjoyed with fried fish, such as french fries. Restaurant managers can use the Pitco Fryer Selector Tool to choose the best fryer for them and the increased demand for fried fish during Lent.

Highlight the user-friendly nature of the Pitco Fryer Selector Tool. Walk your readers through the steps of using it, ensuring they understand how it seamlessly integrates into their operations. Showcase how this tool aligns with their unique needs.

The fryer selector will help restaurants and cafeteria managers find the reliable, versatile commercial fryers needed to keep up with the Lenten season. The product selector will ask which items the foodservice staff makes most frequently, the level of usage, and a few other details about the restaurant before recommending the best commercial fryers for their needs.

 Is your foodservice business ready for the Lenten season? It’s easy to find the right fryer for your needs:

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