The Importance of Oil Filtration in Fresh Breaded Cooking

Whether it’s a classic Wisconsin Friday night fish fry or proper oyster po boy in Louisiana, fresh breaded foods are often some of the most iconic in our country. When it comes to producing these dishes on larger, high-volume scales in restaurants and other types of foodservice operations, they can cause some challenges.

Luckily, with the right set of tools, fresh breaded cooking can be easier. The most obvious? It all starts with the fryer.

When cooking fresh breaded products in a fryer, having a cold zone in the bottom of the tank can serve as a catch zone where unwanted sediment is essentially stored. Though this doesn’t change the need to filter fryers frequently — as many as four or five times a day — it can still help preserve oil longer and provide higher quality foods. This is what our customers accomplish with the Pitco Solstice fryers.

In a different situation like high-volume chicken cooked in a Pitco rack fryer, the sediment from fresh breaded application will be filtered out after every cooking cycle. That’s the way Pitco’s ROV rack fryers are designed.

This is great for the cooking process, but what about fresh and breading preparation and finished product?

Great question. Pitco developed Dump Stations for this very purpose, and they’re versatile. Dump station cabinets can be used for placing finished foods, essentially providing a place for excess oil to drain before serving and for adding seasonings and salts before bagging — all in the same footprint. Heat lamps are available, as well, to extend the hold life of product.

These same units can also be used preparing fresh breaded products before dropping them in the fryer. And with Dump Station options coming in both gas or electric options, creating the ideal fry station has never been easier.

Would you like help designing the perfect fry station for your fresh breaded cooking? Schedule a free fryer assessment with one of our experts today.


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