Pitco Fry Guy Focus: Introducing Aldoz Sintos

Growing up, Aldoz Sintos was a curious eater and a foodie, which drove him to become a professional chef. Now, as the Middleby Philippines Corporate Chef, he knows plenty about the art of frying. We recently sat down with Chef Aldoz, who is this month’s Pitco Fry Guy, to get his insights into the nuances of frying, especially the often overlooked yet crucial aspect of oil filtration.

How did you land in foodservice? Give us some background and fun facts about yourself.

Simply put, I love food. I’ve always been a curious eater. I went to culinary school to learn to cook professionally and then landed a few jobs in restaurants, bars, and a hotel and finally here in Middleby Philippines Corporation.

What is the most common question you get about fryers?

How is the recovery of oil temperature in the fryer

Let’s talk oil. Why do you think operators think oil filtration is a waste?

Operators view oil filtration as wasteful because they think it’s a long and messy process.

What’s the disconnect between throwing away oil constantly and the option to filter and reuse?

Choosing to discard oil frequently is costlier and more detrimental to the environment compared to the economical and eco-friendly approach of filtering and reusing oil, as emphasized by Pitco.

What are common frying mistakes that you see?

Continuous frying without filtering or changing the oil. This causes a rancid flavor, dark color, and poor texture due to oil degradation. Also, overloading the fryer basket which impacts texture and doneness, usually.

How would you recommend fixing those mistakes?

Develop a habit of regular oil filtration, ideally every 4 hours during frying operations.

What’s the most important accessory to have for fryers?

The cooks in the fry station! Of course, the essentials include fry baskets and cleaning accessories like the L-tip brush, clean-out rod, and filter crumb scoop.

What’s the best advice you’d give to someone who wants to add fried food to a menu?

Invest in a reliable fryer that ensures consistent cooking quality across different dishes and quantities.

What is the best fried food you’ve ever had?

Crispy pork pata (deep fried pork knuckles). It’s a Filipino favorite and holds a special place in my heart (and tummy!).

What are your three best pieces of advice for a restaurant trying to make more money with fried food?

    1. Train your staff on how to use the fryer properly
    2. Filter oil
    3. Use quality ingredients

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