Pitco Fry Gal Focus: Introducing Cassie Borshoff


In this edition of Pitco’s Fry Gals and Guys Focus, we return to the fine folks at Elevation® Foodservice Reps in Colorado, where we’ll spend some time with corporate chef, Cassie Borshoff. Chef Cassie is a veteran of Denver’s exploding culinary scene, where she spent a great deal of time as a pastry chef.

How did you land in foodservice?

I needed a job when I was in high school and started working at a small bakery decorating cakes in the morning before school. I really never looked back!

What is the most common question you get about fryers?

Oil filtration — is it necessary to have a built-in filter or not?

Let’s talk oil. Why do operators think oil filtration is a waste? What’s the disconnect between throwing away oil constantly and the option to filter and reuse?

I don’t believe it is a waste at all! Filtering your oil lengthens the life of your oil and allows you to buy less. From my experience working in professional kitchens, there are a lot of people who associate filtering oil with a lot of time and labor, when in reality, with these automatic filter systems that are an option, it takes almost no time at all to filter and polish your oil.

What is the best piece of advice you would give someone who wants to add fried food to a menu?

CLEAN OIL! Also knowing how to rotate oil — for instance, if you have two fryers, fill one with brand new oil and the second with your older filtered oil and use the older oil for fish frying and the new oil for your cleaner frying.

What are the most important accessories to have for fryers?

The best accessory, in my opinion, is a spider strainer.

What are common frying mistakes that you see?

Frying in dirty oil, for sure.

How would you recommend fixing those mistakes?

Looking into a filter system is definitely my number one recommendation, but just training your employees to notice things like dirty oil and what it does to not only your food, but the long-term health of your equipment.

What is the best fried food you’ve ever had?

This is tough, I love fried foods, but probably tempura fried maitake mushrooms.

What are your best pieces of advice for a restaurant trying to make more money with fried food?

First is oil filtration. Live by this! Also, make sure the amount of fried food you are adding to your menu matches up with the fryer capacity you have. If you only have one fried item on the menu but are filling and heating a 50lb pot every day, you’re going to lose money. The same goes for too many items and not enough fryer space.

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