Find the Perfect Fryer — Introducing the Pitco Fryer Selector

Because fried foods are popular, foodservice operations using the right tools have an advantage when creating quality, efficiency, and profitability. From the right fryer size to avoiding downtime, the difference could be thousands of dollars a week between the right fryer and the wrong one.

Fortunately, selecting the right commercial fryer has never been easier. With a comprehensive fryer selection tool, operators can compare models and pick the unit that works best in their establishments. From diners to upscale restaurants, each type of operation has different needs, and Pitco can deliver the right solution.

How Commercial Fryers Drive Bottom-Line Success

Demand for fried foods has risen in recent years due in part to customers wanting delicious comfort food in the wake of economic uncertainty and a worldwide pandemic. Now, even as health protocols go back to normal, consumers still want to enjoy comfort foods, which is why they’re called comfort foods. They’re popular no matter what.

To capitalize on our love of comfort foods, it’s important to have the right systems, processes, and equipment in place to deliver. And since we all know many comfort foods are fried, having the right¬†commercial fryer can be one of the best profit drivers. Some of these reasons include:

Fast Cooking Speeds

Compared to other cooking methods, frying can deliver center-of-the-plate foods and side dishes in minutes, if not less. Yes, fried food is tasty, but it’s also generally efficient to prepare.


Gone are the days when fryers were only used for French fries and tater tots. Now, many main courses can go into the fryer, even some gourmet options (i.e., soft-shell crab). So, restaurants can expand their menu options without needing extra infrastructure.


Modern fryers with smart sensors can filter and exchange oil automatically. This process extends the life of the oil significantly, ensuring a higher profit margin for each batch.

Why Choosing the Right Fryer Matters

Although fryers are relatively simple machines, they can come with various features and elements to make or break a business’ bottom line. So, having access to a comprehensive fryer selector tool enables operators to make the best decision for their restaurant. Some considerations include size, output, single vs. double fryers, and smart sensor technology. By weighing each feature individually, operators can get a clearer picture of what a fryer can do and whether it can hold up to the demands of the kitchen.

How the Pitco Fryer Product Selector Makes Selection a Breeze

There are so many factors to be considered when purchasing a new commercial fryer. Electric or gas? What is your volume? What will be cooked inside each fryer? Will dietary restrictions be considered on your menu? These are just a few of the important questions to ask. This is why we combined these with other relevant questions to create our new fryer selector.

If you haven’t seen this new tool, we encourage you to try it out. Here’s why:

Simple and Intuitive Interface

The fryer selector has an easy-to-use interface that anyone can use. By designing it this way, we made it as easy as possible to insert important information to get the most accurate result possible.

Tailored Recommendations

The point of using a fryer selector tool is to get a customized model for individual needs. So, operators can enter their details into the tool, and it will match them with the best machine to achieve their goals.

Detailed Product Information

Investing in the right fryer is not a split-second decision, so operators should measure both specs and features. Pitco offers detailed product information so users can ensure the fryer’s specifications are where they need to be.

Enhanced Efficiency and Performance

A world-class fryer doesn’t mean much if it can’t meet demand during a lunch or dinner rush. All Pitco fryers are designed to handle heavy loads, but the selector tool can verify if a particular model is best for a restaurant’s output.

Expert Advice and Support

A software tool is highly useful, but it can only provide so much information. Need help with comparing different models? Contact Pitco directly and speak with a representative at any time.

Try the Pitco fryer selector today to begin your search:

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