Extend Your Workspace with Fryer Shelving

All you need is a few minutes in just about any commercial kitchen to understand space is at a premium. In many cases, chefs need more space to perform their processes, and with a little creativity, it’s possible to add workspace in some previously unused places. That’s why Pitco developed an extended work shelf that turns otherwise unusable spaces in your fryer into valuable territory.

Take a close look at your Pitco fryer, and you’ll likely see a space just above the lip between the fryer tank and the shelf for oil overflow. This is precisely where the new extended workspace can be added. Without taking up additional kitchen space or eating into frying capacity, the new Pitco workspace extensions simply provide a better work shelf.

How can you use an extended work shelf?


One of the country’s leading fast food restaurants uses work shelves as a location to stage fresh-breaded product pans before loading them into fryers. They’re also great for free-floating foods, adding loading space without impacting the capacity of the fryer or taking up additional space in the aisle of your kitchen.

This shelf also helps operators more easily follow better practices for extending the life of your oil. Many restaurants use frozen food in their fryer, but many restaurants also load the fryer basket from the bag directly over the hot oil. Not only is this a potential safety hazard introducing ice crystals to hot oil, but it also aids in early degradation of oil quality. With this extra space on the work shelf, operators can load product into the basket on the shelf, and then drop product in for cook cycles.

The good news is, this shelf is now available for new fryer orders, as well as fryers already in use. These accessories can be added to existing Pitco fryers including both the Solstice SSH55 and SSH75, as well as Economy models SG14 and SG18.


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