A Quick Look: Pitco Fryers and Our Commitment to Sustainability

Sustainability is an important topic in any industry these days, certainly in foodservice.

Creating a more sustainable kitchen environment for your restaurant or foodservice operation can be a challenge, but the reward is well worth the effort. Not only does it save significant amounts of money in the long term, but it’s an important aspect of meeting the demands of today’s customers. According to Nielsen reports, about 60 percent of consumers worldwide are willing to pay more to support sustainable businesses. That percentage goes up to 73 percent for millennials.

In light of the growing support for sustainability, we at Pitco are here to affirm our commitment to making products fit for today’s modern, sustainable kitchen.

How Pitco Fryers Make A More Sustainable Kitchen

Making the most of your resources and letting nothing go to waste is one of the best ways to ensure you’re making a minimal impact on the environment. Sustainability is about keeping your environmental impact low, which should also help lower costs since you’re using every resource to its fullest potential.

Pitco Fryers are designed with this in mind, utilizing the best of modern engineering to maximize efficiency in almost every way. Our technology makes sustainable frying both simple and effective.

Reduced Oil Volume (ROV)

What a standard size fryer does with 50 pounds of oil, our fryers do with only 30 pounds. The Auto Top Off feature replenishes your oil supply before it has a chance to oxidize. This prevents deterioration, lengthens oil life, and also keeps your oil at the optimal depth for frying. Automated filtration is also safer for anyone operating the fryer, keeping any interaction with oil to a minimum. Using less oil means making less of an environmental impact — and saving more money.

Smart Oil Sensor (SOS)

Coupled with ROV, this technology has the potential to save 50 percent more oil than most conventional fryers. With your oil quality being constantly monitored, you’ll never be too early or too late replacing it. This means you won’t waste any oil unnecessarily and won’t risk damaging food quality with old oil, which leads to ever-expensive food waste.

Integrated Oil Management

The combined technology from our ROV, SOS, and Infinity Touch systems all work together to make an overall more efficient fryer that’s easier and safer to use. Saving oil, reducing labor, and extending oil life all contribute to an appliance that uses less and saves more. It’s a blend of technology that creates a win-win, sustainable situation for everyone.

Solstice Supreme Technology

Our Solstice Supreme tube-fired gas fryers are exceptional for saving energy with high production demands. They’re 70 percent energy efficient, making them one of the most efficient fryers you can own. Our combined patented atmospheric burning system and Self Clean Burner keep your fryer tuned to the most energy-efficient operating manner possible.

Making Appliances That Support Our Future

It’s imperative for today’s foodservice equipment manufacturers and foodservice businesses to recognize the importance of creating a sustainable future. As more and more of the world come to see sustainability as within their best interests, businesses will continue to adapt in order to fill this need. Meeting these conditions will be good for the environment, for consumers, and for the businesses themselves with the money and resources they’ll be saving. Simply put, sustainability is becoming more and more profitable.

At Pitco, we’re more than happy to be on board with these developments and encourage our clients to see sustainability for the net positive it really is. Our fryers are just one way to make your kitchen a more sustainable, efficient, and safe place to work. All this, with the same kind of treatment that does what every fryer should: make delicious fried foods.

Schedule some time with us today to get a personal fryer consultation to find the fryer that will best suit your specific needs.

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