Pitco is Honored to Be a Veteran-Friendly Business

Our veterans signed up for military service to protect our rights and freedoms, even making the ultimate sacrifice if needed. We’re grateful for all our vets across all branches of the service. We’re thankful for all you’ve done and continue to do. And here at Pitco, we’re honored to be considered a veteran-friendly business as recognized by the Department of Military Affairs and Veterans Services and New Hampshire Employment Security.

Each year, the two organizations combine to celebrate New Hampshire businesses that aim to honor and impact the lives of New Hampshire’s service members and their families. This is accomplished by efforts to hire and train our state’s veterans.

Begun in 2020, the NH Veteran-Friendly Business Recognition Program identifies four practices and procedures for advancing the causes of veterans.

First, it recognizes businesses like Pitco that value the contribution of service members, military veterans, and their families. Second, it aims to locate and identify veteran-friendly businesses within the state of New Hampshire. Third, the NH Veteran-Friendly Business Recognition Program attempts to match talented and skilled veterans with open positions within the state. And, finally, the program created a network for businesses to work together in their support of veteran employees and customers.

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