Pitco Makes Waste Oil Management Systems Easy

How you choose to maintain your frying oil can have ripple effects across your entire foodservice operation. It can affect your staff, your customers, and your bottom line.

For staff, cleaning, maintaining, and changing out frying oil can be time-consuming, messy, and laborious at best. It’s important to create a standardized set of processes that are completed at a regular interval. If those steps and timetables aren’t followed, it can go beyond just creating a mess. It can be dangerous to your kitchen staff, and people can even get hurt.

Oil management is important for customers because it directly impacts quality. When the steps and timetables aren’t followed, oil can become dirty and even omit unwanted odors and flavors. When foods are cooked in dirty oil, they can taste and smell dirty. The results in a low-quality experience for customers.

Finally, your oil management program can impact your bottom line. Unhappy customers who don’t return, food that’s sent back and thrown away, time-consuming processes in the kitchen, and even injured staff members are all costly. The will all impact the financial health of the operation.

What is a waste oil reclamation management system?

More than a system, an oil reclamation system acts like a service. Operations can implement an oil management system to take care of many of the undesirable tasks associated with maintaining a frying oil program. It’s a single resource for ordering fresh oil to your fryers, storing it, delivering it to your frying basins, cycling used oil out, and then disposing of it.

As we mentioned, all of these things take up valuable staff time and can even be unsafe if completed by staff members not fully trained on the processes. One single spill could result in hot oil burns or a grease-covered floor that could impact operations for hours, and a comprehensive, oil management system will alleviate this potential.

How can Pitco help?

The problem is not all fryers are compatible with oil reclamation management systems, and that’s where Pitco can help. We have kits that can connect your Pitco fryer with any oil management system, allowing operators to shift staff from oil maintenance to customer service. Instead of simply paying for oil disposal, turn your used fryer oil into a resource.

If you’d like to learn more about oil management systems and how Pitco can help you integrate with one, we invite you to schedule time with a local expert to get free oil management advice.

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