Profitability, Safety, and the Repair vs. Replace Quiz

The commercial fryer, often considered the golden goose of the kitchen, stands as a profitable piece of equipment for foodservice businesses. In the United States, a deep-seated love for fried food contributes significantly to the reliance on the fryer. However, the commercial fryer also demands attention to help mitigate potential hazards and ensure optimal efficiency. That’s one reason why we created the Repair vs. Replace quiz for our customers.

The Golden Goose of the Kitchen: Why the Commercial Fryer Is So Profitable

The commercial fryer is a profitable piece of commercial kitchen equipment because of its ability to generate income. It’s thought that people in the U.S. consume close to 30 pounds of French fries per year. Combine that with the other fried foods on restaurant menus and the sales add up.

In addition to those orders, modern commercial frying equipment comes with automation that helps decrease cook times while also saving time, money, and energy. From labor costs to serving safe and hot food, a reliable commercial fryer is an irreplaceable workhorse in most restaurants.

Safety and Cleanliness in Fryer Operations

The commercial fryer’s profitability stems from its remarkable income-generating capacity. With the average American consuming nearly 30 pounds of French fries annually, coupled with the popularity of other fried items on restaurant menus, the possible financial gains from commercial fryers are substantial.

While the commercial fryer is a valuable, dependable resource, it requires regular maintenance to perform reliably and safely. In addition to maintenance, providing staff training is paramount to prevent accidents. Also, consider a commercial fryer with an automatic shut-off feature and adding non-slip mats around the fryer as additional safety measures.

A Recipe for Safe and Profitable Fryer Operations

Neglecting the upkeep of commercial fryers can lead to severe safety and waste issues. Old, outdated commercial fryers can more readily cause fires, burns, and other major safety issues. Inefficient fryers also consume excess oil and can cook food at incorrect temperatures, resulting in higher costs over time. By weighing the cost of repairing an old fryer against replacing it, operators need to consider the safety and profitability of their foodservice business.

Remember: the cost of a person getting hurt is always the most expensive outcome a foodservice establishment could face. The trauma, worker compensation payouts, rising insurance costs, and possible restaurant shutdown times are all the costs of not maintaining a commercial fryer properly.

Pitco’s Commitment to Fryer Safety, Profitability, and Excellence

Pitco is a trusted partner in commercial fryer solutions, enabling foodservice establishments to enjoy a safe environment while saving costs on food preparation. While replacing a commercial fryer can be expensive, it’s important for operators to have the right information to know if they should repair or replace a fryer.

To help, Pitco created a Repair vs. Replace quiz. By answering a few quick questions, operators and managers can easily determine if they can safely repair their commercial fryer or if it’s more efficient, and in the long run, cheaper to purchase a new one. By knowing all the facts and maintaining fryers properly, restaurants, bars, and venues can serve the best fried foods, helping to increase customer satisfaction and profits.

Take the quiz now and find out if it’s time to Repair or Replace that fryer:

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