Tips to Create a Profitable Kids Menu in Restaurants

In 2015, over 75 million restaurant-goers were children under 18. Yet, despite this enormous customer base, many restaurants offer over-simplified kid’s menus or no kid’s menu at all. The reality is kids’ menus don’t have the best reputations in the foodservice community. And for the customers who eat them, this is true as well. When done correctly and with some imagination, though, operators can create a profitable kid’s menu for a new generation of customers.

Traditional Dishes Made Right

Building a profitable kid’s menu can be challenging. As young palates are often less open to unique flavors, restaurants should offer basic kid-friendly foods. Some classic foods for children include fried chicken nuggets and strips, French fries, mozzarella sticks, fried mac and cheese, and fried ravioli. Prep fried foods in advance and store until it’s time to drop them in the fryer. So these deliciously deep-fried morsels will satisfy hungry children while allowing restaurant staff to cook and process them quickly and efficiently.

The children’s menu doesn’t have to be loaded with standard “kid foods,” though. Another popular kid’s menu practice includes “stealth health.” That’s when nutritious additions such as whole grains and produce are snuck into traditionally unhealthy foods. For example, pasta and dipping sauces can be made with extra veggies, and bread can include whole grains. Stealth health practices are a great way to ensure that even the pickiest eaters get essential nutrients from meals that may not be the healthiest.

Solstice Supreme Fryers From Pitco

Even without a children’s menu, fast and casual restaurants are often expected to produce large amounts of food in a short window of time. So to incorporate more classic kid-friendly options, use a frying system you can depend on. Thankfully, Pitco’s Solstice Supreme Fryers are here to help.

When selecting the perfect Solstice Supreme Fryer for your restaurant, you should consider three essential aspects. First, what type of energy will be powering the fryer? Gas and electric energy can each present challenges and advantages depending on the location and size of your establishment. Second, you need to consider the location of the fryer. Depending on the size of your space, you can choose from options like multiple frying units or countertop fryers! Third, you must find a balance between energy savings and production capacity. While it’s great to cut down on energy usage and costs, you have to ensure your fryer can yield the food your restaurant requires.

Pitco’s Solstice Supreme Fryer line offers a wide array of dependable fryers that suit any restaurant. Establishments specializing in quick service and casual dining can consider Pitco’s short vat fryer for fast frying times and deliciously crispy results. Larger restaurants can opt to mix and match models for multiple frying options capable of frying various foods to perfection. When it comes to fryers, Pitco is sure to have the best solutions for your deep frying needs!

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